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How to Take Photos and Videos with the Camera of my Amazon Echo Show? – Tools

15 de January de 2022

The Echo Show has become very fashionable because they are devices that perform well when it comes to their functions. By the way, apart from having a good performance, these devices they have great compatibility with all kinds of video calling and fast messaging applications.

With the Echo Show you can take videos and photos, just as any other mobile device allows you to do. Soon we will show you how to take photos and videos using an Echo Show, what features the Echo Show gives you, how to use the Echo Show as a surveillance camera, and how to activate the Echo Show’s surveillance function.

What features does the Echo Show camera have?

The Echo Show devices are in fact very complete, since they offer you things that other devices do not offer you. With this kind of smart speakers you can take photos, record videos and make video calls with people who are far away.

The camera of this class of devices is very powerful. That is why all the photos that are taken using said camera, come out in high definition and they look great. There are a few things you can do to make the videos, photos, and even video calls you make look good.

person watching a camera

These things you can do is put in maximum resolution device camera, use natural light and clean the lens whenever you want to use the camera. With all this, you will be able to obtain photos or videos in high definition using your Echo Show device.

By the way, to see when the photos are well focused, you can adjust the brightness of your Echo Show, to be able to visualize the content well and know when is the most opportune moment to take the photo. When you finish taking photos, you can turn down the brightness on the Echo Show so as not to damage your eyesight.

Make video calls, take pictures and videos

Now that you know what you need to do to get HD photos and videos with your Echo Show, what follows is learn to take photos, record videos and make video calls with your device. See the steps to take to take photos:

  1. turn on the device
  2. Activate the Alexa assistant
  3. Tell the assistant ‘Alexa, take a photo’
  4. Immediately, an application will be displayed on the screen with which you will be able to take photos and videos. Select the capture mode you want and press record or capture to take photos or videos

alexa logo

That’s what you have to do when you want take a picture using the Amazon Echo Show. In case you want to make a video call with your Echo Show, you must do the following:

  1. Turn on the Echo Show
  2. Open the meeting or instant messaging app from which you want to make the video call
  3. Enter the chat you have with the person you want to call
  4. To finish, clean the lens, go to a place where there is natural light and start the video call

It should be noted that in the Echo Show you can download the Skype application to make calls and many other things. To be a Skype virtual speaker works exceptionally within the device.

How is the Echo Show used as a surveillance camera?

The Echo Shows are so complete that they even have a particular function that allows you to put the device as a kind of surveillance camera. If you want to put your Echo Show as a surveillance camera, you have to:

  1. Turn on the Echo Show
  2. Go directly to the part that shows you the configuration of your system
  3. Go to the ‘Camera’ section
  4. Now, enter the ‘Home Surveillance’ section
  5. Activate the function
  6. Confirm each of the data you use to enter your Alexa account
  7. Put the password you use in the Amazon account
  8. To finish, confirm everything so that the surveillance camera process begins to be carried out at once

hidden password

By having the ‘Surveillance camera’ mode active, you will have to adjust other things that have to do with security or with the type of camera. By the way, when using the ‘Surveillance Camera’ mode it is recommended that you connect your Wyze camera with Alexa to use it in connection with the device.

How do I access the camera view with the Home Surveillance feature?

To see these kinds of things you need to use Alexa services. The first thing you should do is enter the Alexa app to see all devices. Second, go into the group called ‘Cameras’. Third, select the camera you want to use or view and you’re done.

In case you have problems activating ‘Home monitoring’ mode on your Echo Show, you should go to the Echo Show support website. There on that page there may be useful information for be able to activate this mode that allows you to keep a good eye on your house.