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How to Take a Photo with Anime Filter and Send it by WhatsApp?

22 de February de 2022

The WhatsApp application is known as one of the most popular in the world, along with other applications belonging to Meta. Even though it is based mainly on the instant messaging and calls, the application does not neglect the other needs that its users may occupy, so it has different functions for its use. Functions such as the ability to share videos, photos, location, among others.

One of the functions most used by people when having a chat is to share photos through WhatsApp, since it is a very useful way to share moments captured in a photo with another person. However, although the application has a camera section, it does not allow you to add any kind of filter when using it. So if you want learn how to send photos with anime filters or another filter, then you will learn how to do it.

How to send a selfie with anime filter on your WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a very popular application among people all over the world, whether they are young people, teenagers or adults. Its main feature is to offer its more than 2 million users a nice experience and comfortable when using its platform.

Even though it focuses mainly on its messaging and calling service, it also has other functions to improve its use, functions among which be able to share photos with other people.

And what is this function for? Well exactly for that, to be able to take a quick photo and send it to other people through the application, either from the gallery reel or taken directly from the WhatsApp camera. Unfortunately, even though it has a section with its own camera to take pictures and record videos, it does not have the function of being able to add filters.

Filters are a trend that has become popular throughout the world, which is why many applications already have this function when entering their camera sections. But there is no reason to worry, because although WhatsApp does not have this functionyou can take photos with filters, whether they are anime, of some character or interactive, from other applications and then share them through WhatsApp.

Using Instagram

The Instagram application offers its users a special section in its camera section, where they can find filters and effects which can be used in the stories created, these stories are based on photographs and videos which can also be downloaded directly and shared in other applications such as WhatsApp.

In the filter section that can be found when opening the camera section on Instagram, they can be seen from the classic filters that only modify the color and its tones to the most extravagant and interactive ones to take selfies with an anime filter, of some character, to simulate something or add some plugin.

instagram filters

from snapchat

Snapchat is considered the application that made filters known, as it became popular thanks to them. When you open its camera section, you can see a section dedicated to its filters and effects, among which you can find anime, character, animal, and interactive filters, among many others. In the same way, if you want to share them, you can transfer the photos from Snapchat to WhatsApp, you only need to save them.

Because the WhatsApp application does not have an official section to add and use filters from your camera, the best option for people who want to share their photos with filters of anime or other subject to your WhatsApp contacts, is by using an external application, such as those named above and sharing it by WhatsApp, as follows.

First you must enter the camera section any of the two applications named above, there select the desired anime filter and take the photos you want, save photos to gallery of the device and go to WhatsApp.

Next, enter the chat to whoever you want to send the photo to and click on the camera icon located at the bottom right, when you press this, a row will appear with the photos recently saved on the device, select the one you want to share and press send.

Why can’t you send your selfie with anime filter correctly on WhatsApp?

It is not common for the application system to have problems, so it is not common not to be able to send a photo through WhatsApp. So in the event that when you send a selfie or any photo with an anime filter or any other filter and it does not send, it may be due to one of the following factors.snapchat filters

Connection issues

The most general factor when presenting problems when sending photos or files and also downloading them in different applications, including WhatsApp among them, is the Internet connection. It is likely that the mobile device has Internet connection problems, either due to a poor signal in the place where it is located or due to problems with the Internet service it has.

The best option to make sure that the problem is not the Internet connection is by entering a web page from the device, if the page loads quickly and without any problem, it means that the Internet connection not the problembut another factor.

resend it again

If the first time you send a photograph it stays loading, but it never finishes sending, the best option in that case is to try to select the photograph again and forward it again. Well, there are times when Photos are not being sent correctly and need to be resent to the other person in the chat.