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How to Sync Google Calendar on my iPhone – Don’t Miss an Appointment

25 de January de 2022

Human beings live in a very hectic time, where we have many roles to fulfill. These responsibilities require us to attend certain meetings or appointments. In other cases, we need to remember some task that we have pending. One way to group all these earrings is to register them in Google Calendar, if you want know how to sync it with your iPhone, you can read to the end.

What should you do to sync Google calendar with my iPhone calendar?

Previously, important people had a person who was in charge of managing all their commitments through an agenda and thus not failing anyone. Today, those jobs still exist. Although the agenda is not necessarily handled physically but virtually.

Even if you are not a big businessman or a renowned artist, you are also you have commitments to fulfill and remember certain important days and hours, for this you can use a feature offered by Googlee when you open an account with them. This is Google Calendar, in which to schedule a reminder, a task, an event or a goal.

With Google Calendar you can import your calendar data into your Outlook account, this means you don’t have to re-enter all your appointments. Rather, through the help of a virtual assistant you can cput all the information in a file and take it to the email account to follow up on your scheduled appointments.

Google Calendar can be used on a computer, just like you would on a regular phone. You only need to take a few steps and your computer will notify you about something you need to do.

In the case of couples or coworkers who need to carry out activities for a common good, this tool can be of great benefit. They only have to share their calendar and both will have scheduled appointments at the same time, so no one will have excuses to miss.

with calendars

If you want to sync your Google calendar with your iPhone calendar, there are two ways to do it. One of them is using the Calendars, for this you must open the Google Calendar application and look for the menu in the upper corner. There you can find the configuration section and you must verify that the name of the calendar appears.

If the calendar does not appear in the list, you must click on show more, so you can check that the Synchronize option is blue, which means that it is active. By checking their activity status you can proceed to complete the synchronization.

From the settings menu

Another way to sync Google Calendar is through iPhone settings. For this you need to previously configure the Google account with the phone. Once this is done, you can proceed to link the function with the mobile.

google calendar on iphone

To start you must go to the phone settings and locate the passwords and accounts section, in them you will see several account options, although in this case we only care about selecting the Google account. This account can be Gmail or Outlook. When the account is opened you will have access to the entire list of applications that you can link with your phone.

In this case, we are going to focus on Google Calendar to activate it with a single press. This will allow you to see all the information that you have in the calendar and that are now in the iPhone calendar.

If you want to be sure that the synchronization was effective, you can open the calendar application and touch the Calendars option at the bottom. This will make see all the calendars that are synchronized with the team.

What features is Google Calendar not compatible with Apple Calendar?

As you have seen, both Google and Apple make a great effort to achieve the greatest comfort for their users. And we must admit that it has been a joint effort, since previously it was impossible to do this process most of the time. However, thanks to the updates, today it is a simple process to do.

google calendar on iphone

Now, everything is not perfect yet. There are some Google Calendar features that are not supported by Apple Calendar. Some of these functions are: Email notifications of events that is, you will not receive a notification by this means to remind you of a commitment.

Another function that is not supported is the creation of new calendars by Google. This can be solved, if you settle for using only one agenda. And the third feature you won’t be able to use is scheduling meeting rooms.

How to set up multiple calendars on my iPhone?

If you are one of those who have several Google accounts with different programs and calendars, you should know that you can configure them on your iPhone. The connection process must be one by one, although this may seem tedious, you should always think about the final result.

in each process you must go to the phone settings and look for the Google logo in the passwords and accounts section to add each calendar. Any information you enter new on the device will be immediately integrated into the calendar.

How to consult several calendars at the same time on my device?

If you have several calendars on your mobile and you want to consult them, you should look for the calendar section in the navigation panel and enable the agenda you want to see. The chosen calendar will open next to the one that was already running. Every time you select a new calendar, it will open with the last one that you had already chosen.

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What is the way to set a default calendar on my iPhone?

When you create an appointment or event in your calendar, iCloud has a system that will append it to your default calendar. This facilitates its use and allows you to merge work and home activities.

To use the default calendar, you need to go back to the phone settings and find the calendar tab. then you have to choose the calendar to be cataloged as default. This is an advantage if you want to simplify all your activities.