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How to Stream on Twitch From My Android Cellphone?

12 de June de 2021

The rage for gameplays has grown a lot in recent years. There are many users who claim to see youtubers or streamer broadcast live any kind of game, and this has prompted many others to dare to make their own streaming.

And although the most common is to watch broadcasts of computer games or desktop consoles, you can also do a streaming from our Android cell phone.

This is very useful since mobile devices currently have very popular games that users search for such as Call Of Duty Mobile, Pokémon Go, Mobile Legends among many others.

The problem is that many users are unaware that it is possible make direct from the mobile and for this reason in this article we will explain how stream on Twitch from my cell phone android very easily.

You don’t require much, just a couple of applications and you can already be streaming on Twitch, the gaming platform par excellence.

What do I need to stream on Twitch?

Surely there are a lot of applications in the Play Store or in the App Store that allow us to record the mobile screen while we are broadcasting live; however, many can slow down the operation of the device.

To avoid this, we will use a very simple but quite complete platform called Streamlabs. This app is used by 90% of streamers that broadcast on twitch.

With this app we can retransmit both what we record by any of the cameras of our mobile as what is seen on the screen of our device.

In addition to downloading this application, obviously we will have to create an account on Twitch if we don’t have it yet.

How to stream on Twitch from mobile?

Once you download Streamlabs you will have to open it and you will see that it will tell you if you want to broadcast from Twitch or YouTube. In the same way, you can broadcast from other applications with the option called other platforms, located below.

Once we press the option Log in With Twitch It will ask us to log in to that platform. If you have the double factor activated you will have to enter the code that will arrive through an SMS.

Streamlabs settings

Once the program is open, we can select with Streamlabs the things we want to be seen on the screen when we are live. In the options we can select the alertbox, Event list, chatbox... All this can be modified for everyone to see or for only you to see.

In the configurations, the ideal will be leave everything as default; However, when selecting the server from where we are going to broadcast, the ideal thing will be to choose the one that is closest to our location.

Start broadcasting

Once you have all the desired settings, a red button with the image of an antenna of transmission. By pressing this button we will start broadcast live, not without first confirming that you do indeed want to transmit.

mobile hands video game

You must take into account that the default transmission that will be broadcast is that of your camera, that you can alternate between the front or the rear without any inconvenience. However, if what you want is record mobile screen To transmit a game, you must click on the option located in the upper right corner.

This option is represented by the image of a computer that has an arrow on its screen. Once you click there, what is on your screen will begin to broadcast.

Next to this option we will have another that will allow us see the events that have happened on your channel. For its part, the bell option will allow you to see all the notifications that have reached you.

Finally, the three vertical points will allow you to see the streaming info such as the title and the game that you are going to broadcast.

Recommendations for streaming

Keep in mind that the Twitch platform has its privacy and security policies, so numbers or information from other contacts cannot be displayed.

For this reason, as we will transmit from the mobile we must take precautions to avoid showing conversations by WhatsApp.