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How to Stop Seeing YouTube Notifications on the Phone? – Personalization

22 de November de 2021

Through YouTube many people find a way to entertain themselves. There you can get videos of any type of content, there are from tutorials to online gaming videos. Furthermore, since YouTube is free, anyone with a mobile phone and internet access can access the platform.

If you have subscribed to an account of anyone on YouTube, you may be receiving notifications from time to time. If you find all these YouTube notifications a bit annoying, keep reading the whole roundup. Next we will explain how stop receiving notifications from the YouTube app on your mobile.

What can you do to decide which YouTube notifications to receive and which not to?

Within YouTube you can decide whether to block all notifications or only block some of them. This is thanks to the notification management, which you can modify whenever you want. With the notification management you will select the ones that interest you the most and in this way you will not receive alerts about things you do not want to know anything about.

Another thing you can do is stop following the channel of the person who is constantly uploading content. When you stop following a channel on YouTube, the platform will automatically will not send you content alerts again this person has uploaded. This would be another way to solve the notification problem.

In case you didn’t know, there is a way to copy YouTube comments that you liked. Many times, in certain videos they upload a comment explaining something about a topic and it would be very useful post this comment on a social network. So if a YouTube comment ever catches your eye, you would just have to copy it.

How can you delete your YouTube notification history on your cell phone?

Every time you receive a notification, the YouTube app will store them. At a certain point there will be many and that will be the moment in which you will have to eliminate them. For delete all notification history in the YouTube application you have to do the following:

  1. Open the YouTube application on your mobile
  2. Log in with your account in case you haven’t already
  3. Position yourself in the notifications section
  4. Press and hold the first notification until it is selected
  5. Now, at the top you will choose the option that says ‘Mark all’
  6. Finally, press the delete option, confirm the deletion of all history and everything will be ready

This is the easiest way to delete comments from YouTube app. As we said before, if you no longer want to receive these notifications, you can block them or, but check the subscriptions of YouTube channels in order to cancel them and not know more about them.

How can you prevent YouTube notifications from arriving in the mail?

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Before we showed how to delete the notification history from the YouTube application of your mobile. Now pay attention to how to avoid receiving notifications from YouTube in your email. In this way, you will not have the need to delete the history of these notifications in your email:

  1. Open the YouTube app
  2. Login to your account
  3. Press the settings icon
  4. Press the ‘Notifications’ option
  5. Finally, select the section ‘Notifications by email’ and deactivate the sending of notifications by this means

This is the way in which YouTube notifications are canceled via email from the app. However, pay attention to how this process is done from a computer:

  1. Turn on your computer
  2. Open the browser
  3. Login to your YouTube account
  4. Press the bell icon
  5. In the window that will be displayed where notifications are displayed, click on the nut icon
  6. Within the notification settings, scroll down to the ‘Email notifications’ section
  7. Uncheck the switch where it says ‘I always want to receive emails about my activity on the YouTube platform’. Once you flip that switch, you won’t get any more email notifications

How can you disable YouTube notifications on your cell phone?

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Disabling YouTube notifications from the mobile app is very simple. The method to do this changes depending on the system that your mobile has. Next, we will show you the steps and the process to be used from mobile phones with Android and iOS system.

Pay attention to each of the indications, so that you can be successful with this configuration of the YouTube platform:

From an iPhone

The method of disabling alerts inside YouTube from iPhone consists of only about five steps. The first thing to do is open the application:

  1. Login to your YouTube account
  2. Go to the ‘Settings’ of the application
  3. Enter the ‘Notifications’ section and lower the switch ‘Receive notifications from YouTube channel subscriptions’

With this you would disable the alerts of the YouTube application. In case you didn’t know, people upload content on YouTube because YouTube pays for views and subscribers. If you want earn easy money from home, it would be convenient for you to make a channel.

On an Android

If your mobile is iPhone you do not need to read the following instructions, the previous process is enough. Now, for those who use an Android system mobile, pay attention to everything that will be left below:

  1. Open the YouTube app
  2. View application settings
  3. Press the ‘Notifications’ section
  4. Lower the switch ‘Receive notifications of new content from YouTube’

In case none of the aforementioned processes has been used to disable these alerts, consult technical support or do the following:

  1. Go to the mobile settings
  2. In the application search, place the word ‘YouTube’
  3. In the result, select the YouTube app
  4. Then turn off the app notifications