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How to Split Screen in Two on Surface Pro – Effective Tutorial

9 de March de 2022

Presented by the company Microsoft, Surface Pro is a line of PC-like tablets with Intel® Evo™ platform for i5-i7 options with Windows 11. With this hybrid tablet you will be able to work and play as you normally would with your computer, but with a lighter weight, pen and wireless keyboard that will allow you to adapt to your needs.

What are ways you can split the screen in two on your Surface Pro?

Now, any of the tablets in the Surface Pro line has the basic features of a computer, with less noise and more connections to be able to enjoy Windows 11 with a lot of creativity, and among the basic functions that you can achieve with this tablet is split the screen in two, as we would normally do with the mobile or with the PC in Windows.

This function, as its name indicates, split the screen in two to use different applications almost simultaneously in different open windows, so you don’t have to spend time looking for the application in another way, especially when you are working on writing and want to have your notebook open for inspiration; in this way you can have both applications open on the same screen and be able to view them perfectly.

Directly from your taskbar

Screen splitting is possible on all devices with Windows 10-11 operating system installed, so you don’t need third-party apps to split screen. To get apps docked go to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and look for the ‘task view’ iconwhere you will select the app you want with the right button of your mouse.

That way you can select the ‘dock to…’ option, there you will choose the direction in which you want to place the application on the screen, either left or right, then it will fit perfectly in the middle of your screen on the side you have chosen; then just select from other open apps in task view to automatically fit the other half of the screen to use multitasking in Windows 10.

Dragging the mouse

As a second method, you can directly use the mouse to position the open application in the first half of the screen, to do this go to the title bar or top bar of the application or tab, press your mouse and drag it until you reach the corner top left of the screen, position yourself there without releasing the click, wait a few seconds for an almost transparent box to be marked indicating that the app will fit that half of the screenthere you will release the click.

Then it will instantly open the task view with all available apps on the other half of your screen so you can select the one you want to combine and adjust. This is a great feature for when we’re playing videos and want to write down reviews or notes about what we’re watching.

using your keyboard

Surface Pro comes with a sleek, compact wireless keyboard as an accessory, with full function keys and a backlight for fast, accurate typing. On the other hand, the most traditional way to perform this method is with the keyboard, it is the most efficient shortcut to execute in the Windows 10 operating system.

surface pro view

To achieve the above, you must locate the Alt and Tab keys on the keyboard, keep the first pressed while with the second you press to move from tab to tab until you locate the correct one, after being open you must adjust the size in which you use the screen the app manually.

The above, with the ‘maximize’ button in the title bar, located in the upper right; then, adjust the size with the mouse from the corners of the window to make it only half full. Now a much easier and more efficient next keyboard shortcut is to press the key ‘Windows + left or right arrow’ within the application in use.

How to remove the split screen from your Surface Pro when required?

When you need to remove the split screen from your Surface Pro in Windows, you just have to press the maximize button in the top right corner of some application and it will take the full size of the screen and you will have a single window open again; You can use this function as many times as you want.

You can also divide the screen for up to four applications, what you have to do is with the screen already divided into two, take one of the parts and drag it back to the corner and there another small box will be formed for you. Divide that space into two halves.

Why can’t you split the screen in two on your Surface Pro and what to do?

surface pro keyboard

One of the most frequent errors when wanting to perform the screen division with one of the methods described above, is to do it with the Windows in tablet modebecause the functions are totally different from when Windows works in desktop mode, so first make sure in which mode you are working.

Also, make sure your video drivers are updated, to do this go to the search bar and type ‘Device Manager’, then search for Display adapters>properties>update driver, Windows will automatically search for the latest version. on your computer or online and install it.