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How to Split a RAR File by Parts From Your Windows 10 Computer?

21 de January de 2022

Despite the constant improvements in storage devices that allow the use of a huge volume of space, there are still problems in handling large files on different types of drives. learn how to split an archive in RAR by parts from your Windows 10 computer and transfer it more comfortably to other disks.

Thanks to the RAR format, you can compress the size of your files so that they take up less space and even divide them into several small parts to manage it more easily. Take advantage of this utility for compressed files to better manage your large files and discover the full potential of WinRAR in Windows.

How can you create files by parts using WinRaR of Windows 10?

Compressed files with the RAR extension are very commonly used today, as they represent an efficient method for reduce the space occupied by different files and make them more portable. Also, it provides special features like password implementation or splitting a compressed file into several smaller parts, which you can take advantage of with WinRAR.

To compartmentalize it, just select the content you want to assign to it and use WinRAR archive software to create a RAR archive. Then, you can reduce the storage space that the file occupies individually by dividing into parts, selecting the number of parts you want it to have.

Each part will acquire an equivalent size to distribute the total weight among all the parts. This function will be very useful for you. transfer large files to FAT32-formatted storage drives, which have a size limit for the individual files they can store in their memory, or for uploading to a cloud storage service.

Starts the process of splitting WinRAR archives into several parts using ‘Add to archive…’ option to create RAR archive. Next, you will apply the ‘Split into volumes’ function in the compression options menu. After manually setting the size of each part, either in KB, MB or GB, it will start splitting.

The number of parts will depend on the size you have assigned for each one. WinRAR will take care of the rest of the process automatically and will leave the split files in your current folder. From there, you can move them to another folder or drive. It is recommended that each part be less than 3GB in size for Fat32 compatibility.

What is the procedure to merge two separate files with WinRaR?

If you want to create a compressed file with more than one file as content, you just have to put all the files you want to add in the same folder, select them, right click on them and press the option ‘Add to file…’. From the compression window you can apply a compression in parts or in the same file to join them.

After creating a RAR file divided into parts, you can freely transfer it to other files. In each file, a extension for indicate that it is part of a compartmentalized file. Opening either part with WinRAR will give you a preview of its contents, though you won’t be able to open any files without extracting them first. Likewise, you will be able to select a single RAR file to extract from there.

To unpack a RAR file divided into parts, you must use WinRAR. You can right click on one of the parts and hit the ‘Extract Here’ option to unzip them to the current folder. If you want to extract them to another path, you need to open the archive with the WinRAR interface and use the ‘Extract’ function to set the directory where you want to unzip the content.

winrar divided into parts

You must take into account that, for the extraction of a file in parts to be successful, all parts must be in the same folder. In this way, WinRAR will be able to detect each part and there will be no errors during decompression that affect the readability of the extracted file, so you can safely separate files and rejoin them.

What other actions can you do using Windows 10 WinRaR?

These are just some of the many functionalities that WinRAR offers to Windows 10 users. This is the ideal tool for work with all kinds of compressed file, saving storage space and facilitating the creation of safe backups for your files with very versatile utilities; In addition, it is compatible with any mobile or desktop operating system.

winrar windows

Although there are other applications to manage compressed files, WinRAR is one of the most advanced, which is why it represents the preferred option for most Windows users. Discover its main functions that make it the preferred alternative for handling compressed files on all platforms and download the WinRAR application on your computer to enjoy all its great features.


The base function of WinRAR is to compress files. This allows you convert any file to RAR, ZIP or other compression format with just a couple of clicks and even add a password. In addition to helping you save space, it is also useful for transferring files between different physical or cloud storage units.

It contains advanced options so that you can adjust its format, its compression range and even divide it into smaller volumes than its original size. Has the stronger compression ratio among all the applications of its kind and allows you to store all kinds of files or folders with a very easy-to-use interface.


Its functions are not limited to creating a compressed file, but it also allows you to view its content with a wide range of options and unzip it custom. You can perform quick extractions from Windows explorer or unzip only selected files from the RAR content.

You can unzip files divided into multiple parts or volumes. Likewise you can schedule it to automatically extract themselves, whether you work with a single or multi-volume compressed file in any format. It also allows you to decompress RAR files with a password in a comfortable and simple way.