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How to solve the Error CE-117722-0 of my PlayStation 5? – Connection failures

10 de March de 2022

At any start we can say that there is always room for some errors, rather it is a constant, you cannot expect everything to be perfect and at the launch of the PlayStation 5 we can see that it is not the exception to the rule. Although many of these issues are not necessarily caused by the console itself, some are caused by external factors that affect the normal operation of this console.

This particular error that begins with the connotation “CE” tells us what the type of error is, for example the error CE-112839-4 of connection with the PlayStation Network, tells us that it has to do with Connections of Internet. In this article we will see its causes, why it occurs, what it is and how we can effectively solve the error CE-117722-0.

Why does error CE-117722-0 occur on PlayStation 5 consoles?

This error essentially refers to a connection problem, to be able to play through the cloud, this problem occurs with PlayStation Now, which is directly related to the internet connection, that is, this connection is unstable. In the case of the PlayStation 5, to make this connection, it requires a minimum speed of 5 Mbps; when the connection is unstable this problem is common.

This is only a transmission problem, and you have to know that it is not a problem with your console but rather, it may be due to issues related to the Router or the company that supplies the internet, because if it presents failures of this type, can cause these configuration problems. As would also be the case with the error of copying the game on the PS5 CE-107891-6, which also generated by loss of connection to Internet.

What can I do to remove the CE-117722-0 error from my console?

You can solve this error, which means that you will have to follow some steps and methods that differ from each other, but you will surely find the solution to all this, in any case the PS5 has a support system that you can usein case none of the methods below work properly and you are unable to fix the error.

Next we will see different methods such as Restart the console, move the Router closer to the console, update the router, reinstall the game. It is advisable that you do each one and check before resorting to the next one, to be totally sure of reaching the solution of the problem.

problems with playstation now

Reboot the console

Since it is an intermittent internet signal, it may be enough to just restart the console, this in most cases solves the problem, making the console overcome this error. To restart it you can do manually by pressing the power button until you hear a beep and release the button, this will cause the console to restart after this you will confirm if you have been successful.

Move the router closer to the console

Many times the Router is far away and the connection is not as continuous as we need it to be, since if there are other devices using this connection, can slow down the console connection causing the connection error, so having the device closer, the signal will be stronger and you can solve the error

You can too use a LAN cable to make a more fluid and constant connection, this is of great help, by doing this the problem may be solved and you do not have to resort to extreme cases such as deleting the PlayStation 5 account, which is not necessary to do, since the problem is not account but connectivity

Update router firmware

You must be sure that the router is up to date, because if it is not, it can cause problems in the process of receiving and sending packets, this is translated by the console as a connectivity error, as it does not have all the data in order of what is needed, that is, if there is a connection and if there is internet, but is not up to date with respect to the network in generalyour internet provider can give you information and solutions in all this.

Uninstall the game and reinstall it

If this problem persists after trying everything mentioned above, and you checked that the internet connection is in perfect condition and the speed necessary to work is correct, also Have you confirmed that the router is up to date? to the version that is needed and there is no more to do. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game that you cannot connect to and it generates the error; This is very helpful in troubleshooting.

check wifi or router connection

If you tried and in all cases the error persists on the console, you can contact PlayStation support, the recommendation we give you is that you contact them through your PSN user account and a computer to prevent the same console from presenting another problem, you should also have all your login credentials handy and the console in case you need to supply information from it.