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How to Share the Link of my Group on Telegram with Friends on Social Networks?

30 de November de 2021

Telegram has become so well known thanks to the fact that it has no limits when it comes to sending files no matter what their format is. On Telegram people they usually create groups to send each other things like stickers, music, videos, images, and the like.

To invite other people to join that group, you can create a link to share access to those people. Shortly, we will show you how to get a link for a group on Telegram, how to share this link with other people and even how to join any Telegram group without having the link.

Where can you find the link of a Telegram group to share it?

The links of the Telegram groups can be easily found as long as you are the one who created the group or if you are within the same group. These will be the only two ways you can remove the link from a Telegram group. Now, pay attention to how the link is taken from a Telegram group:

  1. Search for the Telegram app
  2. Having it located opens the application
  3. Now, look for the chat of the group you want to remove in the link
  4. When you find it, open it
  5. Then, press where the name of the group is
  6. Go and find an invite link that has an at sign

You need to know that Telegram links are not like the links you find in the web browser. These types of links at the beginning contain an at sign and then contain things like numbers or the name of the group. Also, this type of link only can be used within Telegram to locate the group.

If you place that link in the browser you will not be able to access the group, since only serves within the Telegram app. It should be noted that in the Telegram application there is a way to hide your last connection time, with this, others cannot know if you have been connected in Telegram recently.

The same happens with the link of someone’s account within Telegram. This link is only for find the profile within Telegram. If you were to enter it in a web browser, you will not get relevant results.

What are the steps to send a group link on Telegram easily?

Since you know how to find the link of a Telegram group, it is important and very necessary that you learn to send this link to other people. Next, we will explain how to share the link of a Telegram group to another person being a member of the group or even being the administrator of the group.

If you are a group administrator

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In case you are the group administrator in Telegram, you will not have to do much to share that group’s link. Follow the following instructions so that you can learn to share the link of your group:

  1. Turn on your mobile
  2. Search for the Telegram app
  3. Open the app
  4. Find the group chat
  5. Open the group chat
  6. Press the name of the group
  7. Locate a section called ‘Group invitation’ and you will copy the link with at the beginning that is there
  8. Now, enter the chat you have with the person you want to invite to that group and send that same link that you have taken

In case you want to invite a person that you do not have added in Telegram to a Telegram group, you can send them the link by instant messaging apps. From places like Messenger, DM or even through WhatsApp, you can send these links.

Once that person has the link, they only have to enter their Telegram account and place it when looking for a contact. Immediately the group and the permissions will appear to join it. In case you didn’t know, in Telegram there is a way to create your own stickers.

Being another member of the group

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If you are not the administrator of the group in Telegram, the process to carry out is practically the same as it would be executed if you are the one who has organized the group. Pay attention to the instructions that we will give you soon, so that you learn to remove the link from the Telegram group and send it to other people:

  1. Turn on your phone
  2. Locate the Telegram application
  3. Inside the Telegram app, look for the chat of the group to which you want to get the link
  4. Being inside the group, press the name of this
  5. Look for the invitation link and hold it down to get the option ‘Copy’
  6. Press the ‘Copy’ option
  7. Then, within Telegram, locate the person to whom you want to send that link
  8. Paste it in the write bar and send it

If still you have not added in Telegram To the person to whom you want to send the group link, you would only have to add a new contact from the Telegram.

Is it possible to join a Telegram group without link?

Even if you don’t have the link of a Telegram group, there is still a way to join that same group. This way is by asking one of the members to tell you what the name of the group is.

As you have the name of the group, you just have to place an @ in the search bar along with the name of the group and by default it should appear. In case you run into trouble join a Telegram group, you would have to look for the solution to the problem on the Telegram technical support website.