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How to Share My Location Using Google Maps on Android | Activate Incognito Mode

18 de June de 2021

Today virtual browsing has been a very useful tool for Android device users. And it is that finding a location is no longer as complicated as it used to be about 10 years ago, when we had to ask each person we saw where the address is.

It is for this reason that many companies in the world have dedicated a large part of their resources to the development and optimization of map programs and applications. But among the one that stands out the most above the others is Google Maps.

Although, as incredible as it may seem today, there are a large number of people who still do not know how to use this application, which is why this article will explain in complete detail the use of some of the most used options in the application.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the servers that allow navigation with the use of maps most important worldwide. It was launched in 2005 where it was indicated that the program would work with a geo-position around the globe.

Even the platform has several extensions developed by Google itself, among which we can mention Google Rider Finder, Google Maps Business View, Google Moon, Google Mars, Google Send-to-Car, and among many others.

Google Maps are accessed by millions of users a day around the world. The reason why is that there is so much development, investment and technological advancement in the teams that are in charge of the server; and thus sustain the operability and 100% server functionality 24 hours of the day.

Google Maps features

Among the best features that we can see on the platform is the manual measurement of a distance. Where if we establish two points on the platform, the application will automatically indicate the most feasible routes for the route, the distance in meters and an estimate of the time it may take.

In addition, the platform has a large amount of information about the sites that we find near our location (restaurants, parks, banks, shopping centers, hairdressers, bookstores, and many others) and allows us to place markers in these places. So if you are looking for a specific place it is very likely that the program will find it, being able to enter GPS coordinates to find the place faster.

The platform also has a connection to Gmail or Google Calendar, with which it is easier to better manage our time and our tasks. Evaluating factors such as the distance between scheduled meetings so as not to be late, scheduling flights, and among other things.

How to share my location using Google Maps on Android and activate incognito mode?

google map spy silhouette

To share the location where we are currently there is a super simple process. First, we must open the app of Google Maps, after we can see the map we must look for the option of find our location, shown with a button similar to a weapon sight.

When the program finishes searching for the location, we drag the new window upwards where it shows us the location, then we click on share address, we select the option we want (share your location in an email, WhatsApp, Gmail, among others), we give in Send and ready. The program will share the address. Another very useful way to share your location is by taking a screenshot of Google Maps and sending it.

Activate Incognito mode

Now, to activate incognito mode the process is even simpler than the previous one, we must first locate ourselves in the initial application interface. Then we click on the option our profile, that is, the place where our user photo appears, and the incognito option will appear in the new menu.

As we saw previously, these processes are not complicated at all, but for new users to Android it can be a different story, since many times we understand how applications work more from experience than knowledge, in such a way that we must always help those who do not know .

Finally, we hope this post has helped you. We would like to know your opinion. Have you been able to share your location and activate incognito mode using Google Maps on your Android device? Leave us your answer in the comments.