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How to Share and Send my Location by Facebook Messenger

7 de July de 2021

The world has advanced in an impressive way, with respect to the advances technological that can be seen. One of the most applauded tools in recent times due to the insecurity and need for virtual navigation that people have, have been the options to send and share your location by different means of web messaging.

Google and Facebook have reached an agreement in order to launch a new free service. With this service, users will be able to send and receive the locations of other users, in the comfort of their mobile phone and all in real time.

Likewise, within the location options that we can find on all the platforms of instant messaging, Facebook, has been one that offers a special and direct follow-up in case the person who sends it feels threatened.

This web feature is strengthened thanks to the great service that we can find with Google Maps, which also reaches Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is one of the most used social networks in the world. Its users search their web spaces for a means of communication and meeting with their families and loved ones. For this reason, the fact that they have activated the option to share a person’s location in real time has been as important as it is successful.

How to share your location in real time for other users

If you want to share your real time location and providing this location to another user it is important that you know that you must take into account a series of steps and conditions, which are very easy to understand and accept.

In order to access this option, you can simply enter the conversation and in the options bar you will find a button that says “to attach”. Once you press it, you just have to go to the option “Location”And you will see what you can do with it.

When you press it, you can send your location in real time to the person in the chat, which will be shared for 60min.

After the 60 minutes have passed, the location will no longer be shared with the contact. If you want the transmission to be sent, you just have to repeat the previous steps.

If, on the other hand, you want your location to be stopped sharing with the user you have selected, you just have to press the “button.Stop sharing“so that the location in real time stops. Inside the chat you will see that a warning bubble will open, where both users will inform that the sending of the location has been stopped in full time. You can also delete the chat or conversation in the in case you prefer.

location sent facebook

How to share any location by Facebook Messenger

If what you are looking for is to share a specific location to a contact group or to a specific person, it is possible thanks to the communication tools that Facebook Messenger offers you.

To do this, start by accessing the group or message where you want to share the location and proceed to look in the options bar for the icon with a marker. It is what you can find faster in the upper right.

Once inside that marker, you can select this option and select the location in a more specific way and send it to the groups or contacts you want. Likewise, with this option, you can submit waypoints, local or nearby parks and specify places or secondary meeting points, which can be used easily with the Google search engine itself.

These are tools useful and easily accessible for all the people who want to keep in touch with their loved ones or organize a meeting between friends.