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How to set up and use my mobile as a remote control for Kodi

27 de April de 2021

One of the advantages of current entertainment is that we can enjoy it in different ways. We can do them from the comfort of our sofa in front of a television, from our study in front of the computer screen or even from a telephone mobile in the place we want.

This flexibility has led to anyone sitting in a place where they can simply sit back and enjoy their favorite content however they want, when they want.

In order to support what we have previously pointed out to you, lots of applications or programs have been created that seek to give a broader feeling of comfort and entertainment.

Platforms like Netflix, which allow anyone to watch the best content anywhere from your account; or even the song downloads that you make on Spotify, which lets you listen to your favorite music the way you want, are basic examples of how these applications or platforms have expanded our horizons of the entertainment.

Also, taking into account that each of these applications have been designed for the convenience of users, it may end up hard to believe that there may be applications that even make interactions with these others much easier.

An example of this is Kodi, a multimedia content player that can be used on mobiles, computers and even on Smart TVs. It is an application that has become indispensable for more than one person and even more so if the latest version of this player is used on the mobile or PC.

But often a small detail is missing to make your experience extremely enjoyable: a remote control. See below how you can use your mobile to compensate for this detail.

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Everything you need on your mobile

You may have seen yourself on the stage where you want to put a movie in Kodi or listen to music from your computer, and it is annoying you a bit having to get up to change each new content that is automatically put.

If this is something that happens to you, you may have wanted to use a remote control to make the experience much more enjoyable. This, luckily, is entirely possible thanks to an application.

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Using your mobile as a Kodi controller

In order to use your mobile phone as a remote control for Kodi, you have to do a few things first, but we will guide you through everything you need to know in the next step by step.

  • Start by writing down the IP address and MAC address of the computer where Kodi is installed. This can be achieved in the same application by going to System, and then entering Network within Systeminfo.
  • Then go back to System, followed by Services and then Control. Here we will see an option that says “Allowremote control via HHTP“, We must activate this same option, as well as the” Allowremote control fromapplicationsonothersystems “option. It also takes advantage of the information on the screen and notes the password, port and user. If there is no password, you do not need to add one.
  • Now, you must download the application that will turn your mobile into the remote control. In case your mobile is Android, you will have to download “Kore, OfficialRemoteforKodi“, But if you have an iOS mobile, you will have to use” OfficialKodiRemote “. They are both very similar.
  • Now, in the case of Kore, open the app and configure it as shown on the screen.
  • In case Kore does not automatically detect the device to be controlled, go to “Manual settings”.
  • Within these settings, enter all the information that you had previously noted down. The information that you have not written down, leave it blank.
  • Select the test button and if everything is in order, you can start controlling your Kodi with your mobile.
  • On the other hand, if you have downloaded the iOS application, you must select the button that says “Add host”.
  • Then, enter the data that you have written down and save the configuration that you have entered.