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How to Set Snapchat to Save Conversations Automatically

4 de January de 2022

The Snapchat app has become so popular these days that it not only allows users to stealth their stories, but is also essential for maintain active communication with friends and family. Since, it is a platform that allows text messaging and video calls in order to facilitate daily communication in a fast, simple and enjoyable way.

For this reason, today you we will be teaching how to properly configure Snapchat to save those conversations so relevant for you automatically. Either those derived from your list of best friends or simply conversations with less frequent contacts. Taking into account that Snapchat is characterized by its short-term effect on the content that users send and receive at all times.

What are the steps to save messages in the Snapchat app?

As you well know, Snapchat is characterized by its funny stickers and by the brevity of your messages, photos and videos that disappear into thin air. However, you can automatically save your messages for 24 hours after you view them, so you can take your time to reply to them without pressure.

If you want to comply with this, the first thing you should do is have the latest version of Snapchat on your mobile phone. Subsequently, you must go to the Chats window, locating yourself in the conversation with the person and pressing their avatar that you will find located in the upper left part of the screen. Now, you just have to press the three dots and look for the alternative that says Delete chats. Once there, it will be necessary that choose the option that says 24 hours after viewing.

How long do the messages saved in the application last?

The time of the messages stored in the Snapchat application is really very short. Generally, it is usually one to ten seconds, depending on the user who reviews them. That is why it is said that the content of this App disappears into thin air. Which is a big problem as you cannot give it your full attention at the moment, especially if you are doing some other important task. Therefore, it is advisable to save the messages for at least 24 hours.

How to archive Snapchat messages to keep them longer?

If you are interested archive your conversations for a period greater than 24 hours, you must open the application and go to the Chats window. Next, you must find the conversation you want to archive, holding down the button for the message itself. By doing this, the messages will be highlighted in gray not only for you, but also for the other person who is part of the conversation. Of course, only whoever archived the conversation will be able to retrieve it whenever they want.

how to keep snapchat messages longer

How can you prevent chat messages from disappearing?

Despite the fact that the Snapchat application is characterized by brevity when sharing photos, stories and sending messages in the chat, there are relevant methods to make the duration of these elements, be longer in time. One of them consists of archiving the messages and the other in saving them within the platform for a certain period of time. In both cases, you will be able to save a little longer these messages that could be so important to you. Likewise, you can use the option to activate or deactivate temporary messages through chats or groups.

Why don’t some Snapchat messages go away?

Certainly, the function of deleting messages on Snapchat is completely default. So in the event that some messages do not disappear, it could be due to the previous configuration conferred by the user or by group chats. Since here, these are removed even after a week when all participants have seen them. Likewise, if someone decides to react, save or reply to messages, they will be kept for much longer.

How to save messages from the Snapchat application from an Android?

To avoid the automatic deletion of messages in the Snapchat application at all costs, it is important to use certain methods or tricks that allow content is not removed once it has been reviewed. Only then, you can easily save your chats on your Android and in this section we will indicate two effective ways to achieve it quickly and easily.

how to save snapchat conversations on the cell phone

To avoid erasure

If you want to save your conversations on Snapchat thus avoiding deletion, you must open the chat of your choice, pressing until the options panel appears. Next, you must touch the button that says Save in Chat and thanks to this, your conversation will be saved even if the other person has already read it. However, you can choose Unsave in Chat when you no longer want to store this content.

With screenshot

Saving a chat with a screenshot is extremely simple. The first thing you have to do is select the conversation of your choice and press the volume down button and the shutdown button on your Android or iPhone at the same time. Doing so generates the catch, which you can edit and save in the gallery of your device. Accessing it, whenever you need it. Of course, keep in mind that the Snapchat platform will notify your contact that you have made a capture, so you must think very well before doing so.