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How to Set iTunes as Default Player on my iPhone – Multimedia

15 de January de 2022

iTunes is one of the most famous music players out there and there are great reasons for that. Its song, album and collection management options make it the favorite alternative for iOS users. learn how to set itunes to default player on your iPhone and other devices.

It doesn’t matter if you use multiple devices with different operating systems, you can connect iTunes to all of them and still enjoy your music. iTunes music on Windows, macOS, and Android. Learn all about music player settings and continue to get the most out of iTunes on any electronic device.

What is the factory set player on iPhone devices?

All iOS devices have a series of default applications that are integrated into the operating system. To play music files, have the ‘Music’ app, which is ready to sync with your entire local and Apple Music service library, as well as movies and TV shows stored on your device.

This application is quite advanced and comfortable, like most Apple applications, in addition to having the integrated iTunes service. That means iTunes is set as part of the player on iOS devices. In turn, this opens up another advantage for users of multiple digital platforms.

Using your iTunes library to purchase and play music allows you to transfer music to all of your iOS devices. Therefore, you can connect your songs and playlists with your iPhone and iPad. Also, it is easier to transfer music from your Mac PC to iPhone quickly and without major complications.

However, if you plan to migrate your information to another platform, such as Android phones, Mac or Windows computers, you should know your options so you don’t lose your music library. Discover what is the default media player in windows and what are the advantages of exchanging it for the iTunes service.

For Windows PCs

In its modern versions, Windows uses the windows media player to open all kinds of files in audio and video format. This tool contains all the elements of a current player, with synchronized libraries, playlists and a comfortable interface to control playback.

However, some of its features not up to par with current applications, such as your connection to streaming services. Therefore, it is convenient to replace it with iTunes, which has features that are better oriented to new platforms and has better connectivity between different operating systems and devices.

How to set iTunes as the default player on my phone?

If you’ve decided to change your player and set iTunes as your default, learn how you can do it easily. It should be noted that to achieve this successfully you must have an iTunes account. After you’ve changed your device’s settings, you’ll need to sign in to iTunes to turn on data sync.

On iOS devices you do not need to do anything, because iTunes is part of the Apple app ecosystem, which together with ‘Music’ and ‘Apple Music’, make up the iPhone player. Any purchases you make in iTunes will be reflected in these applications, as will any songs you transfer from your computer using iTunes.

However, on Android devices it is more complicated, since the application has not been released for this mobile operating system. Therefore, on Android phones you will not be able to enjoy the features of iTunes officially, but you will have to use alternatives connected to the Apple platform.

itunes pc

Even so, it is possible to install iTunes on Linux, Mac and Windows computers. Once you have obtained it from the application store of your operating system and installed it on your PC, you only have to set it as the default music player to open all files in audio format.

Set it on Mac

Mac computers come with iTunes installed and set as default player. However, this value can be altered if you have installed another application to play audio and video files on your Mac. If this is the case for you, you can return the settings to their original state in less than a minute.

Find an audio track in your Mac’s storage, select it by right clicking and hit the ‘Get Info’ option. Next, you will see its properties, that is, the details of the file. Open the ‘Name and extension’ tab and press ‘Open with…’. Choose iTunes as the app to open those kinds of files. Check the ‘Change all’ box so that the modification will take effect on all files with that extension.

Default it on Windows

Depending on the version of Windows you have installed on your computer, the process to set up iTunes may vary slightly. Although in any case, you must download the iTunes application to be able to make the change.

Windows 7 and 8 users should access the Control Panel and open the icon view. Open the ‘Default Programs’ window. Use the ‘Set Default Programs’ option and wait for the list of applications to load completely. Tap ‘iTunes’, hit ‘Choose defaults for this program’ and associate the app with the audio formats.

default applications windows

In the case of Windows 10, there is no need to enter the Control Panel. Just right click on the Start button and open ‘Settings’. Open ‘Applications’, then ‘Default Applications’ and add iTunes as the default application for the music tracks you use.

How to know if iTunes can be used on Android devices?

Although iTunes is not compatible with any Android device, you can import your iTunes music library through two ways: iCloud and Apple Music.

For iCloud, you must sign in to iTunes from a compatible device and activate the option ‘iCloud Music Library’. This will sync your songs to the cloud and allow you to listen to them on Android phones.

Alternatively, you can download the Apple Music app on your Android phone and Leverage Apple’s Platform to listen to your iTunes music.