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How to Send Text Messages in JPay? – Complete Registration Guide

16 de December de 2021

Technology shortens the distance between people, facilitating access to communication, including those who are isolated from the rest of the world and from their relatives and friends, such as those who are paying a sentence in prison. Through the JPay courier service. In this article you will learn how this service works, how to register and start sending messages. Also, you will see why the message may not be delivered. Therefore, keep reading the article.

How does JPay’s inmate messaging service work?

Advances in the field of technology have benefited everyone, facilitating access to communication even for those who for some reason remain confined in a jail. In this sense, JPay’s internal messaging service is very useful for this population. You can also download the JPay application on your mobile. The prison population can access some services and content provided by the company through electronic devices such as the Tablet.

This is a courier service provided by some private companies, especially in the United States, and is provided to inmates, their families, and friends. Those incarcerated in prisons can receive and send electronic letters, receive visits by video calls and money, which guarantees you to stay in contact with your loved ones. Payment for contracting this service is made by debit and credit cards.

What do you need to be able to send messages in JPay?

In order to use JPay services and start sending messages, you need to register and access an account from the official JPay website. In addition, you should know the specific state in which the inmate is among other important information. In the following points we show you how to register to send messages.

How to register in JPay to send messages?

Enter the JPay page and proceed to register, among the necessary requirements are, enter an inmate ID, choose the exact inmate and the location where he is, add email and password. Because this service must pay by card, you must provide the information on the invoice and be specific, indicating as it is shown in the registration of your card.

Before making the payment, check your credit circle score online. You should also take into consideration that the registration information varies depending on the status of the detainee. It will depend on whether you are incarcerated, on probation or on probation. The system makes it easy to find the detainee by entering the ID correctly. When creating the account, you can delete an inmate’s account.

What are the steps you must follow to send your message?

After you have logged in, you must buy portal and virtual stamps for the operation of JPay. With each stamp you can compose a message of 6000 characters. If the message to be sent exceeds that amount, you must use another stamp. On the other hand, if you want to attach a 30-second videogram or a photo, it will be necessary to use a stamp for the file to be attached.

send messages by jpay

It is a good idea to review the types of files that can be attached to an email to see if the JPay service also supports it. If you have already purchased the Jpay stamps, now you must enter the account and in the section of email you must click and follow each step the prompts that will be displayed on the screen, which will facilitate the procedure, are very easy to understand and apply.

When will the message be received?

The time set for the inmate to receive the message is from 24 to 48 hours approximately. In some cases, it takes longer because the inmate does not have the Internet and all messages sent through this service are subjected to a review process, according to the regulations established for this type of service, which differ from mail. traditional.

In addition, the messages are delivered following a scheduled schedule previously established by the company providing the service. Also, depending on where the detainee is being held, you can go to a JPay prison center in order to have access to the message or through a JP5 electronic device. You can send an answer depending on the detention site where you are and to find out if the service is available in your prison, you just have to access the official JPay site and look for the prison and what is allowed and what is not when using this service.

What happens if the inmate does not receive it?

image about mail not sent

It may happen that the inmate does not receive the message, even if he has bought the stamps to write it, this is due to several reasons. Maybe the detention center does not allow access to emails, you messed up your inmate search from the home page. You may have entered the inmate’s details wrongly in the JPay account setup process. Also, it may be that the detainee has been transferred to another place of confinement where this service is not allowed. Or that the detainee for some reason is not allowed to receive emails. Or perhaps the email address used does not exist.