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How to Send a Voice Memo via Email Outlook – Sending Multimedia

28 de January de 2022

It’s amazing to see how much we can do with a click on the computer or on the phone. The creativity of computer developers is very great. When we found out that we could send valuable information by mail, we thought we were already at the top. Now we have the chance to send voice memos via Outlook. If you don’t know how to do it, here we will show you.

What are the requirements that your audio must meet in order to be sent by mail?

Today there are several email applications, the most popular being Gmail and Outlook. Many people have at least one account on these apps and run various aspects of their lives from these platforms.

With them they keep in touch with relatives, receive or send information of a labor nature, handle requests with government or private entities and are a means of contact for any company. In Outlook you can send written mail messages, multimedia files and other type of documents.

What many did not know is that an audio can also be sent as a message. This is not something strange, since its biggest competitor Gmail already has the function of sending voice messages activated.

If with this information you feel that your head is exploding because you do not know what you should do. Do not worry, since if you have experience with platforms like WhatsApp where thousands of voice notes are recorded and sent daily, then with Outlook you can have an equally pleasant experience.

And it is that each application and device that comes onto the market wants to take advantage of the benefits that voice notes offer to the user. Even devices like the Apple Watch can also record voice notes to send to other people.

As with other applications, in Outlook to send an audio you do not need anything out of the ordinary to use this feature. You just need to have a device, computer or mobile, an active account within Outlook, have an internet connection, that the audio is not so heavy so that it can be sent and learn how to use the function.

What do you have to do to be able to upload an audio file in your Outlook email message?

If you are not convinced to use this function in Outlook, before you flatly refuse, you should see the other side of the coin. Perhaps you are focusing on the knowledge that you lack to be able to take advantage of this tool and not on the advantages that it can give you.effectively recorded audio

On the one hand, if you are extremely busy and cannot put aside what you are doing with your hands, you can simply press a few buttons and record the message what do you want to send. Even if the information in question is about giving others instructions on what to do, hearing your voice prompts can make it easier for them to understand and easier to say.

You have to admit that writing a comment can take more time than recording it. Another advantage is that you can record the voice note beforehand and send it when you consider it pertinent.

With the mobile app

To send an audio through Outlook, you have many ways to do it, either by Android mobile or by iOS. Here we will explain some of those forms that you have at your disposal. One of them is to send an audio as an attachment. For this method you must make sure that the note does not exceed 34 MB so that you do not have sending problems.

To use this method you must go to your inbox and create a new message. You must remember that you have to put the recipient’s email and the subject of the message. Then, you must locate the attach button at the bottom of the screen, which is represented by a click symbol.outlook logo

This action will open a window with the different multimedia file options that you can enter from the computer you use, including audio files, so you must choose the audio you recorded for this message and click attach. You must wait a few seconds while the file is uploaded and you must hit send.

from your computer

Another way to send a voice note through Outlook is by recording a note, this can be done with a mobile or a computer. This is very easy to do, you just need to search your device for the recorder app which is usually a native feature on devices. In those very rare cases, where you do not have that application, you can download it in any virtual store.

Once you have the recorder at hand, you must record the comment you want. It should not necessarily be something serious or work related, it can also be a warm greeting or reminder to a contact.

Then, you must search the audio folder within the application and locate the note that you just recorded and press it until a pop-up appears with the option to share. If you click on it you will have several electives, including Outlook. If you select it, the application will send it to the mail and you only have to add the recipient’s email address and send it.

What is the procedure to record a voice memo directly in the Outlook app?

If you prefer to try another method, you can try recording directly from the application, for this you must have a microphone at hand if you use the computer. Once you have resolved this factor, you must enter the application and create a new message. At the top of the screen towards the right side will be the microphone icon, if you activate it you can dictate the comment what do you want to capture

This method differs from the previous ones because you will not send a voice but a text note, with the difference that you do not have to write, instead you will dictate your ideas into the microphone. You must keep in mind that when dictating you must do it in a calm, audible and clear way, you must also include the punctuation marks that the message will include.