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How to Send a Video Message to your Telegram Contacts? – Complete Process

30 de November de 2021

Currently, one of the applications that has been sweeping everything is the Telegram application, which is an instant messaging application. This has become a very functional App and even better than WhatsApp, this is due to the different updates that it has made where it has included calls and other very necessary options in a type of instant messaging App.

Now, within the most recent updates on Telegram, video message option has arrived which is very different from sending a video. This new option is a lot of fun because video messages have a way of being able to create a GIF with audio and be very creative with them. The way to make a video message is very simple and you will find out later.

What should you know about Telegram video messages?

Commonly, users who use Telegram tend to have very frequent questions regarding the use of this and much more about the different updates that the application carries out. Likewise, within the latest updates is that of the video messages and you will surely wonder How does this option work? Then read on and you will find the answers to your questions.

They will not be stored in your gallery

You should know that this new update to send video messages, will not be stored on your phone Unlike when you attach a video that you record and send it, this one is stored on your phone. Many users will love this new option, since it will only be stored in chat where you send it.

Is there a recording time limit?

Like any application, Telegram has also established a recording time limit for video messages, and this time limit is one minute maximumIf you reach that time, the recording will automatically stop. The advantage of this is that you can easily make GIFs.

You need to have the latest Telegram beta installed

In order to enjoy this new option, you will have to have the latest Telegram version updateIf you do not have the update, you will not be able to find this option in your App that you have downloaded to your mobile.

You can continue using the application while you watch the video

One of the advantages of this update is that you will be able to see the video message outside of the chat but being in the Telegram App, if you exit the application, it will not be visible. So if you want to see the video message and at the same time write to another of your contacts, you can do it without worrying that the video will be paused. It is a mechanism to increase the security of these messages.

The most recent Telegram update has given us something to talk about and perhaps many users have not discovered how to send a video message, the truth is that it is very simple to do and does not have any complications. In addition, in order to enjoy this option of video messages, you will have to have the latest Telegram beta installed on your mobile phone.

latest version of telegram

Now to enjoy this update you will have to enter the chat to which you want to send the video message, once you are in the chat you will tap the microphone icon that appears at the bottom of the chat. Later, this microphone icon will transform into a camera icon and when this happens you are ready to make the video message.

However, when this option appears, all you have to do to record the video is press and hold the icon and it will start recording. When you start recording, you will have the option of having the record icon pressed or simply slide it towards the padlock that appears to keep recording without having to hold it down.

On the other hand, when you have already decided the duration time of this, you will only have to tap on the shipping logo so that the message is sent to the person you have selected. In addition, one of the advantages of this type of message is that to friends who send this message automatically when they see it, it will play itself and repeat itself over and over again automatically as if it were a GIF, but this it will not have sound and the download of the video will not be slow at all.

Likewise, so that the video sound can be activated, you will have to touch the video to activate the sound. Now you must take into account that for your friends to receive and reproduce this type of message, they will have to have the latest update of this application, otherwise it will not appear to them.

enjoy video messages

How to activate the sound when playing a received video message?

This new update causes us a lot of curiosity regarding its use and perhaps this is new for you and for other users who use this instant messaging App. In order to listen to the sound of a video message that is sent to you, you will have to touch the message and automatically this expands and reproduces sound.

However, you will have to take into account that at some point it may not play the sound of the video message, this may happen because perhaps the person who sent it to you removed sound option to video message at the time of sending it.