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How to send a Notion file to another format like Word, PDF, Level Templete or Anki?

27 de May de 2022

The program known as Notion is one of the most important that are used for productivity. It is very popular among users due to its planning features, time manager, notes, order, among many other things. However, usually people are used to converting PDF documents into other formats like Word, Anki or TXT. For this reason, in see how it is done, we will teach you how to convert a Notion document to a file of another format.

Steps I need to follow to convert my Notion document to PDF

If we want to carry out the process of changing the format to PDF in the Notion tool, we must use the option that the platform gives us with the name ‘export’. Which the content you have on file, whether it’s a new item or a note, we can transform into any format what we want As if it were a Word document to PDF. To do this you must follow the following steps.

The first thing to do is access the tool through our account. When entering we can choose the file that we want to convert to PDF. To select extortion you must press on the upper corner of the screen where the three points are.

When completing the previous step we will have a menu displayed on our screen with the options to select. In this case we must click on ‘export’. Then we will choose the document to which we are going to convert.

How it happened final we can select the format that we want our file. In this case we will choose PDF. Then the conversion process will be executed and Notion will send an email with the link to download the PDF in compressed state.

Procedure to convert a Notion file to Word format

The method is more complex than the above mentioned. In this case we cannot do it directly. However, there are other alternatives to complete this file conversion. The main thing is to get any website that allows us to make the change from Notion to Word format. Completing this task will allow you to open the document in case you want to make any changes.

A hack exists to transition from content from one format to another is copy and paste. However, doing it in the text of a Notion format on a blank sheet of Word can have certain disadvantages. The main thing is that the formats can be altered and the elements can be ordered, so that the paragraphs, titles, images, among others, will acquire the basics of Microsoft Word.

send a notion file to another format

How can I get my file from Notion to Anki?

Currently there is a lots of software that facilitate the productive task. Therefore, performing the format transformation of a document may seem difficult. And more to some type not as used by the majority as is the Anki format. This transformation process is very similar to the one mentioned before to PDF. To do this you must follow the following steps:

  • As a first movement we will have to log in to this Notion account. Then we will present click on the icon of the three points that is in the upper part of the screen.
  • When the menu is displayed we can see the alternatives. In this case we will press ‘export’. Then we will choose the ‘Markdown & CSV’ option.
  • Now, to complete this process we must choose the alternative of ‘export’. At the end we will have our Angie card that will help us memorize and study in the most dynamic way.

How to send my Notion document to Level Templete?

If you want to carry out this export process or format transformation only you should use notion options. We will go to the left panel where we will choose the template. When selecting a button we can access several alternatives that are to our liking.