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How to Send a GIF to a Friend on WhatsApp Web? – With Simple Steps

21 de January de 2022

WhatsApp was established as one of the most used messaging platforms by different users worldwide. This is because it has been able to provide different tools that facilitate communication between users who use it. In addition, this platform has integrated tools such as emojis, stickers, and GIFs that make the conversations that users have much more fun.

As for GIFs, WhatsApp has implemented this tool that allows users to share video fragments of very specific scenes that can be shared for a particular purpose. Previously, this function was not available, but as of 2018 this function was integrated and today it is part of the platform with access to all users so that they can send it to a contact. Here we will teach you how to send GIFs to your acquaintances, friends and family.

Where can you download various types of GIFs to use on WhatsApp?

The different united elements that we currently see on the different platforms have been designed to allow animations that can be sent through a message and this animation has a time of 6 seconds that repeats over and over again. In addition, these animations are almost always humorous, which makes the conversation much more interesting and diverse.

Now, as for WhatsApp Messenger, this platform has its own GIF category that has already been established and which you can share with any of your contacts. However, if you have browsed the different GIFs that WhatsApp offers you and you don’t like any of them or you simply can’t find the one that best suits you for your conversations, then you can look for other options.

Likewise, you can acquire many more GIFs to add to your application with the help of web pages that will give you many more designs established that you can download to your mobile phone. In addition, these pages are easy to use and will allow you to have the GIFs you want most in your GIF category to use on WhatsApp.


Giphy has been considered one of the best websites to find GIFs and that they can be downloaded to mobile phones. Also, on this website you can find a wide variety of GIFs With very particular themes that will be reproduced in a very short way, you will be able to find GIFs of love, sports, comics and many more. Which is very advantageous because it will allow you to have more for the collection in the library that WhatsApp offers you.

Sending a GIF by a message on WhatsApp is very simple and you won’t have to do many steps to be able to share a small reproduction of a video that suits what you want transmit the reply to your contact’s message. On the other hand, you can send GIFs from your mobile phone through the app as well as from any browser as long as you enter the official WhatsApp website.

From any browser

whatsapp web can be opened in all browsers out there. This is a great advantage, since it allows those users who do not have a phone to use a computer and enter the official WhatsApp website to establish a conversation.

pc with browser

Now to send or create GIFs through WhatsApp web from any browser, the steps you must take will be very simple. Likewise, what you must do first to send a GIF is to enter the web page through the browser you have and once you are in your WhatsApp, you will have to enter the conversation in which you want to send the GIF.

After you have entered the conversation, you will have to click on the emoji of the face that appears next to the option to attach. Once you have entered there, you must click on the “GIF” option that appears at the bottom of the options bar. Next, select the GIF you like the most and send it.

Through the WhatsApp App

For many of the WhatsApp users who have mobile phones, they will have at their disposal the GIF option that they can share with their contacts through a conversation. At first, the only thing that could be shared on WhatsApp were the different emojis that were integrated, but now we have GIFs available. So, what you must do to send GIFs through the WhatsApp app will be the following:

The first thing is to enter the WhatsApp mobile app and find the contact with whom we want to share the GIF through chat. Later we will have to press on the emoji that appears on the left in the options bar where we write the message and then click on the “GIF” option that appears at the bottom in the middle. Now what we will have to do is select the GIF that we like the most and once selected we can send it.

create a gif from the app

However, if you don’t like any of the GIFs that appear, you can search for more GIFs in the library, that is, right there in the GIF option you will have to click on the magnifying glass that appears on the side. Then you must write a keyword of what you are looking for and many options will appear there.

It is very rare that WhatsApp does not allow you to send a GIF through the web page, however, Previously it was not possible but now it can be done. In addition, this option for WhatsApp web was recently integrated and if in case you cannot send a GIF using the web, it is due to some browser or server error. In short, there are many options about presenting this inconvenience.