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How to see and control the temperature of the hard drive on my PC?

3 de February de 2022

Electronic devices have great importance, within the performance they can have in order to speed up the work for a longer time, it must have some care to maintain and control its temperatures. Therefore, a series of steps must be followed to protect PC hard drive. Now, it should be noted that they are considered one of the most important features of the PC.

It is so then, that within the faults that usually occur in the discs, there is the bad control that exists with its temperature. If it is not cared for and used in the most correct way, it may be damaged and the device may overheat, can cause irreparable damage. Therefore, through this article, we will learn the ways to view and control the temperature of a PC’s hard drive.

Could having a high temperature on your hard drive cause problems?

You may think that the hot temperature of an electronic device such as a PC is completely normal, however, the high temperature of the graphics card in Windows can cause irreparable damage to the device. Within these problems, we can find what will be mentioned below

An inefficient cooling system

Cooling systems are not all adequate to help with PC hard drive temperatures. exist completely ineffective cooling systems, which don’t really help in properly releasing the temperatures generated by the system and hard drives. These ineffective systems are not recommended at all. Through this article, you will know the correct ways to avoid high temperatures in the hard drive.

Affects computer performance

The high temperatures of your hard drive can affect the performance of the equipment. This is because the system will begin to compress and work more slowly as it is forcing power from the high temperatures. By not filtering the high temperature air, it will create a choke in the system that will affect performance when the PC is in use.

monitoring hardware prevents accidents and keeps us calm

How to use SpeedFan to check the temperature of your hard drive?

Within the internet, there is an ideal program to monitor the temperature. This program is called “SpeedFan” it is responsible for monitoring the temperature and use of the hardware. To use it, it must be installed within the system of our PC and thus it can be executed so that it appears in the main menu of the system.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that there will be a window located at the top of the screen, which will have information related to the temperature and use of the CPU, GPU processors, disks, and others. There will appear some graphics with colors recounting the temperature in which the device is currently.

In the same way, the program has a button that is called as automatic speed”, helping to activate an automatic mode of operation for the program to help control the system and the temperature it has. One of the options that this program also allows is to customize the type of operation of the temperature control, for this, you can enter the settings and modify them.

How to prevent overheating of your hard drive?

To prevent the hard drive from overheating and affecting its processor, you can check the temperature and status of your SSD in Windows. In the same way, the most relevant options to avoid overheating are the following:

Use a cooling pad

The cooling bases are instruments created with the main purpose that the hot temperatures created by the CPU, spread out from the area. This device will be used under the computer, it has added fans that will help with the aforementioned action. Therefore, they fulfill the action that its name describes “Cooling base” will maintain the cold and adequate temperature for its continuous use.

In today’s market, there are a wide variety of these cooler bases, some larger and with more modern designs for continuous use. However, if you have a regular PC, any type of recommended cooling pad will do the trick.

a cooling base can be of great help

Put the computer on a solid base

Another way to help with the temperature of the PCs if we cannot acquire a cooling base, will be to place the computer on a completely solid base. A data important for the performance of the CPU of a computer, is not to use it in padded or completely covered and soft areas, because this will help to concentrate the heat even more, and can cause complete damage to the system.

Therefore, it is recommended to always have a solid base on which to place the computer, so that the temperature can go out without any problem and the system always maintains the normal temperature for optimal operation.