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How to see a photo that was sent to me by Instagram? – Temporary photos

24 de July de 2022

There is a huge debate between the disadvantages and advantages of having a public Instagram profile, but there are other functions that also seek to improve privacy, such as the ephemeral mode. Today we will talk about the ephemeral mode, a new and interesting feature within Instagram. In turn, we will talk to you about how to see a photo again, which was temporarily sent by Instagram.

How does the ephemeral mode of Instagram Direct work?

Temporary mode, also known as ephemeral mode, is a new function integrated within Instagram. This function allows you to send temporary messages, with which you can protect the information that is shared through this medium.

It is one of the many protocols and functions that the platform integrates with the purpose of improving privacy. One of these basic functions is to put the Instagram account in private mode, but, clearly, one more step is needed and involve the messages as well, for this there is the ephemeral mode.

Undoubtedly, it is relevant in case you do not want to store the information you share. Similarly, if you share important or private informationit is something that we recommend you activate.

The only way to see temporary or ephemeral videos or photos is while in the chat. If you leave the chat, you will not be able to see these photos or videos again no way. You must bear in mind that this is an Instagram measure to protect the privacy of users. But, is there a way to see photos sent by Instagram again?

The ephemeral mode has its uses, but if what you want is to see the videos or images at all times, it is best to communicate through normal chat. Otherwise, the process to view the photos or videos within this mode is more complicated.

How to see temporary Instagram photos again? It’s possible?

Instagram does not prohibit certain actions that will allow you to see the content of an ephemeral chat again. We refer specifically to taking screenshots, or recording the screen of your mobile phone. These actions are allowed, however, there are certain limitations that you should be aware of before using them.

First of all, once you have taken a screenshot, the app will show a notification in the chat. In other words, the user talking to you will realize that you took a screenshot.

As we pointed out before, it is a measure designed to protect privacy of the other person. For this reason, the ephemeral mode may not be the best if you intend to store the information, photos or videos that are sent through a chat.

replaying temporary photos is not complex

In any case, if you have a conversation with a person you don’t know or don’t trust very much, we invite you to try ephemeral mode. You may not be able to see the information you submit through this option again, but you can certainly protect yourself in many areas.

How to activate the temporary images of Instagram?

  • Once you have logged into your account, simply go to the messages section that is located in the upper right. There look for that person with whom you want to exchange messages.
  • Once you are inside the chat, simply slide your finger to up and click on “ephemeral mode”. Sometimes you just have to slide your finger up and the option will be activated.
  • You will notice that the screen turns on dark modethis means that the ephemeral mode is on.
  • All the messages you send from now on will only stay there while the chat is open. That is, if you close the chat, the sent message will disappear, the same is true for both the sender and the receiver.

Activate Temporary Photos on Instagram on iPhone

For the Android version, the temporary photos and videos are the same as the iPhone version, since Instagram is an application, which has nothing to do with the operating system. To send a private message with temporary photos or videos, you must do the following:

  • Place yourself in the upper right part of the news or in the paper plane.
  • In the circle at the bottom of the screen you can locate the option to Add Effects. Where you can give permission that:

  1. See once, that is, they open it and then they can’t do it anymore. Be it an individual or group conversation.
  2. See again means only twice. Then it will disappear and you will not be able to view it.
  3. Keep in the chat, as long as the person you want will have access to it, including all photos and videos.

Setting ephemeral mode in Android Instagram

When you want to briefly hold a conversation on Instagram on any operating system. In this case the ephemeral mode in Instagram Android then you must do the following:

  • In principle, you must place yourself in the conversation that you want to have in private. With your finger slide it up on the screen, in this way this mode is automatically activated. Allowing you to use all its advantages such as messages being deleted once each person closes the conversation.

Please note that these conversations or history after deletion are not recoverable. So you must be 100% sure if you want to activate this mode.

How to download temporary photos sent to me by Instagram chat?

Although this is one of the biggest requests, there is no apparent option to download temporary photos from Instagram or a specific way to know how to see a photo again, which was sent by Instagram in an ephemeral way. If you don’t leave the chat you can quickly click it and that way the photo will play again, even if it was only posted once. Everything will depend on how quickly you open it again.

In addition, it is important to know that a notification will also be sent to the other person who saw the previously sent photograph again. Of course, this time will be the last time this photograph may be reproduced.

Similarly, overplaying is only possible if the photo is played again a few seconds after the first time. Preventing them from storing it in the cloud, personal files, email or any other storage medium.

Is it possible to save the videos sent by Instagram in ephemeral mode?

Currently, there is no apparent way to download these temporary Instagram videos, but there is another option that can be of great help. It’s about making a screen recording. Well, many mobiles today have this option incorporated into their repertoire of applications; however, there are third-party applications to download these types of videos Sent by Instagram Direct.

The first thing you should do is make sure you have the application, you get it in the Play Store. In many cases, you must first access the app to activate the recording option and thus go to the Instagram chat and watch the video while you are making a screen recording. It is important to note that the video will no longer have the same quality, but it will still be saved in your phone’s gallery for when you want to see the video again or see the hidden photo on Instagram again.

In addition, one of the advantages is that these applications have the ability to capture not only the movement but also the audio that the video has. So it works as a good alternative to save the videos to your email, which you cannot download.