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How to Search Different Files From Teams? – Efficient Search

16 de February de 2022

The Microsoft Teams app aside from being able to hold video meetings, has other features that can be used if you have an account for the service. The vast majority of the other features offered by Microsoft Teams they are related to functions of other things that Microsoft has developed.

This time we are going to talk about the files that are sent through Microsoft Teams, but only something related to the sending of the files will be mentioned. Soon we will show you how files are located in Microsoft Teamshow to search for these kinds of files, how to recover your lost files, and more.

How to easily locate your files in Teams?

The files that you send through Microsoft Teams or those that you receive, are always located in at least 2 specific places. If you wish quickly locate the latest files that have been sent to you, you should check the recent documents or else search within the cloud files.

recent documents

Recent Documents is a section where Microsoft Teams puts all the files that have been sent to you Recently. Pay attention to how this section is accessed within Microsoft Teams:

  1. turn on your device
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft Teams account
  3. Enter where it says ‘File’
  4. Then, select the ‘Help’ option
  5. Then select ‘Options’
  6. Finally, press where it says ‘Advanced’ and select ‘Show the number of the most recent documents’

That way your recent files are located within Microsoft Teams from the ‘Recent Documents’ section. In case you didn’t know, Microsoft has released a update for Teams program which is used in computers. If you want to keep the program updated, it is best to learn how it is updated.

Now, sometimes the files you’re looking for can’t be found by doing the above process. When this happens to you, you will have to move on to look for it directly from the chat in which it was sent to you. It should be noted that, when you find the file you are looking for, you can delete it to free up space.

cloud files

The other place where you can find your Teams files is by accessing the ‘Files within the cloud’. To enter this place, you must do the following:

  1. Turn on your device.
  2. Sign in to the Teams app.
  3. Log in.
  4. In the initial tab open a channel or rather a ‘Chat’.
  5. To finish, press where it says ‘Files’ and you will see all the files that person has sent you.

It is important that you know that, in case you do not have the Teams application or program, you will also you can search the files that have been sent to you accessing your account from the Teams website. From the Teams website you can take full control of the account, since it allows you to do many things.

How to find all your files on the Teams platform?

you have seen before how to find files in Teams, but those processes were mostly computer oriented. Now, we are going to explain how to get your files within Teams from mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

From iOS

mobile with ios

In the case of iPhone mobile phones, the easiest way to get each of the files that have been sent to you from Teams is accessing your OneDrive account. See what you have to do exactly:

  1. Start your iPhone cell phone
  2. Enter the OneDrive App or else on the OneDrive website
  3. Then go straight to ‘More Libraries’
  4. There you will choose the library in which the Teams files are saved and voila, that would be it

You should keep in mind that sometimes the place where all the libraries are shown will not give you the one related to Teams. When this happens to you, you just have to press the ‘More libraries’ option and you will see the complete list from the same.

with Android

For devices with Android system, it remains repeat the same process explained above which applies to iPhone. The process from before still works for Android because OneDrive for mobile phones have no differences between them, whether the mobile has Android or iOS.

android logo

What to do to recover lost files in Teams?

By finding the files within Teams if you are interested in recovering them, you would have to use at least one channel or else OneDrive.

of a channel

The canals are like, so to speak, the conversations within Teams. To retrieve your files from this place, all you have to do is enter the channel where the file is. Then, press the ‘Files’ option, select the file you want to obtain and press where it says ‘Download’.

with OneDrive

From OneDrive, all you have to do is access the library where the Teams files are saved, locate the specific file, select it, and proceed to download it.