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How to Schedule Automatic Power On and Off my Huawei Android Phone (Example)

27 de June de 2021

Do you have a Huawei phone? You are sure to be very satisfied with it. But surely you will agree that although it is a good phone, sometimes, there are certain settings that you do not know how to do it.

Is this the case with automatic on and off? Do not worry about this matter, because today we will teach you how to program auto power on and off on my Huawei Android phone, one of Huawei’s options without the Google support you can get.

But first, let’s analyze a little why programming the automatic on and off on your phone can have benefits for it.

Benefits of scheduling automatic power on and off on your Huawei Android phone

You may wonder if there is any benefit to programming this, and the truth is that there is. By occasionally scheduling a auto power off, the cell phone can to rest a little if you gave it a very long use.

This is really important, because you will give your phone “a break” so to speak when you need it most and you will not force a shutdown when it is already saturated and collapsed.

What really happens when you turn off your phone is that you manage to clear the cache on Huawei to free up space and the temporary files that make your phone slow and not work well are terminated.

These benefits are just talking directly about your Huawei phone, but we can also mention personal benefits. Well, if you program an automatic on and off at certain hours and with certain periods of time, you will avoid spend too much time watching your cell phone screen. In fact, you can even turn off and restart a Huawei even if it is locked, which shows the versatility of this option.

Are not these reasons enough for you to learn once and for all how to program that automatic on and off? Both you and your phone will appreciate it greatly.

How to program automatic power on and off on your Huawei Android phone

To make it much easier for you to understand this process, we will start by explaining how to program the switched off automatic and later we will explain how to program the switched on. It is also important to note that this explanation will be useful if you have a Huawei Android phone EMUI.

How to schedule automatic shutdown

To carry out this process, the first thing you should do is access the menu of Settings of your Huawei Android phone. Once you are inside that menu, you will have to find the Smart assistance section and click on it. In this section, among the last functions you must locate and click on Scheduled on / off.

When you have accessed this option, now you will have to press the first switch, which is the scheduled Shutdown. Below this switch, other options will appear for you to configure.

These are, a what time you want your phone to turn off and also with what frequency you want this process to be repeated: just once, every day, and so on. Choose the options that suit your needs and finally that will be it, every time the indicated time arrives, your Huawei phone will automatically turn off.

By doing this process like this, you will then have to turn on your phone yourself. So let’s jump right into seeing how to program automatic ignition.

How to program automatic ignition

To do this, in the same menu where you pressed the automatic shutdown switch, a little further down you will get the switch Programmed Power On. Press on it to activate it, then in the same way as with the other switch, you must specify the specific time power on and also how often you want it to be repeat This process.

Once you have done all this, you will have finished the entire automatic ignition programming process. It is also possible to automatically restart a Huawei without the power button, which can be of great help. Now, when your Huawei phone is turned off, at the corresponding time it will turn on automatically. Incredible true?

Huawei cell phone with logo on gray table

We are sure that by carrying out the process, you will be successful because it is a setting really easy to run by yourself. So don’t waste time and go put the knowledge you just learned into practice today!