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How to Restore a Copy of Android Operating System with Recovery Philz Touch (Example)

12 de June de 2021

Maybe our phone starts giving errors after updating the Android cell phone ROM to the latest version. So it reboots over and over again, doesn’t boot, or we just want to go back to the previous version of ROM. To fix this, we must first know about ROMs.

What is it, what is it for, how does it work, and what types of ROM memory are there? There are basically 2 kinds of ROM: the stock ROM and the custom ROM memory; the first is the one that comes from the factory with your Android and the second is personalized.

Today we will focus on stock ROM; this comes with our Android device. Since through it, we can restore a copy of the Android operating system and all the information and settings that we had; using the app Recovery Philz Touch.

How can you restore a copy of the Android operating system?

You must first make a backup copy of all the files on your Android mobile. The size of the copy will depend on what you have on file. How do you enter the recovery mode? You use the volume button and the power button, you press them simultaneously; The screen with the logo will turn on, but after a while you will see the Recovery Philz Touch menu options.

There are also some applications that you can download from the Play Store, which allow you to enter recovery mode faster and without using buttons. The menu is very easy to read, you will find different options but we are mainly interested in those of “backup and restore” and the one that allows us to do “wipe” or reset.

In the menu you get the option “backup and restore”, you enter there and select the option “backup to SD card”, the copy will start to be generated immediately, the screen will show you the progress bar while the backup is being made. You will be able to see reflected everything that is being copied to the backup and plus size.

After restarting your phone from the reboot option, which you get within the menu, your mobile will start normally because you have not made any modification.

You go to the file manager and in the internal storage you will find the Clockworkmod folder, where you will find the subfolder that contains the backup you have made, or any other that you have done previously.

Now that you have the backup of your phone ready, we return to the Recovery Philz Touch menu; from there you can reset your mobile, thus eliminating any element that may be affecting your phone.

Enter the option “backup and restore”, there you can select “restore from SD card” or “restore from USB”; but you will have to connect the USB to be able to extract the copy from there. The folders you have as backup will appear and you select the one you want to restore.

Remember that the “restore” time will depend on the volume of information you have backed up. Then you reboot or reboot the phone; It will take a while because the system will be updated and that’s it.

Now your phone will be left with the same ROM; that is, with the same applications, files, images, etc. And the best thing is that you already deleted any junk files that were hidden there.

Tips when using Recovery Philz Touch

  • Make sure you have installed the latest version of Recovery Philz Touch on your device. The same version of recovery philz touch is not compatible with all android.

When making your backup:

  • The battery level of your phone should be above 50%, as this prevents it from turning off during the process, it would be fatal for this to happen.
  • Before making your backup, verify that you have checked the USB debugging box on your smartphone. It is recommended that you do a wipe cache and a wipe dalvik cache, so that you do a flawless restore.

A phone in the Recovery Phliz Touch app

As we have already mentioned, you can make the backup on the SD card or on a device USB using an adapter cable that allows you to connect it to the mobile. Please note the following:

  • Check that the space on your SD card is sufficient, in case you decide to make the backup there.
  • Copy the backup information to your PC as well.
  • It is a very good option to have a copy of your ROM, this way you prevent the loss of information or the complicated recovery of applications and files.

If you decide to make a backup, with these small indications and suggestions you can restore copy of Android OS no problem.