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How to Reset My Zoom Password – Secure Account

22 de November de 2021

If you have forgotten the password to access your Zoom account, don’t worry, you can have access to it if you have access to the email or phone number that you linked to your account.

What do I need to be able to recover my Zoom access password?

If you want to access your Zoom account again despite not remembering your password, you will need the email account with which you registered your Zoom account is active and you have access to itotherwise there will be no means of resetting a new password.

What is the procedure to reset the Zoom password?

From the website or PC and from the mobile there is no complexity whatsoever to reset your Zoom password and re-enter with a new password; so the procedure to follow is easy and it will take a few minutes.

From the web server

From your PC you can access the Zoom website, being on the main page of the platform, press the ‘enter’ button in the upper right part of the screen; Now you must complete the fields that appear to be able to enter your account: email and password.

zoom website

In case you do not have access to the password belonging to the account, you must press the option ‘Forgot your password?’, Which is in the field to enter the password, you will see that you enter a new page where you must enter your email ( the one you used to sign up for Zoom).

When writing your email, press the ‘send’ option so that a link to access the password change will be sent to your email. Enter your Gmail account and open the Zoom mail and press’Click here to change the password‘, so you will enter a new window where you can enter a new password.

From the mobile app

To recover your Zoom account from your mobile, you must enter the Zoom application and press the ‘enter’ option in the lower right corner, then you must enter your email and your Zoom password, since you do not have the password, press the option ‘Forgot your password?‘.

A new tab will open where you must place an email linked to Zoom so that you receive an email that allows you access to change your password, once you have sent your email address, you must enter your Gmail account and select the email by Zoom.

When opening the Zoom mail, you must press the option to change password; This will make you enter a new tab where you must enter a new password and confirm it to be your new Zoom access password. Once done, you can enter Zoom with your email and your new password.

zoom from mobile

How can I create a strong password for my Zoom account?

Your password must be safe and difficult to decipherWhen changing the password, you must take into account that it must have at least 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 number and combine letters between uppercase and lowercase.

Your new password cannot contain the same repeated character or letters and numbers in sequence because they are easy to decipher, so a simple option, but difficult to decipher can be a word and one or more numbers, remember that at least 1 capital letter. This is to improve privacy and avoid account problems.

What problems could I have when recovering and what should I do?

Resetting the password is quite easy, although in some cases there may be problems following the recovery procedure, in case something fails permanently, you will not be able to access your account unless you recover your password previous.

Account does not exist

When you enter your email address to receive the password change email, make sure it is well written and it is the email corresponding to the Zoom account, otherwise the recovery email will not be received.

I did not receive the compose email

If you do not see the recovery email in your Gmail inbox, you should check the spam or Spam folder, if you cannot find the email you can go back to the Zoom page to select the option ‘try again’ and that the mail is sent to you again.

The link has expired

The link inside the Zoom recovery email may expire if you close the Zoom page or 24 hours have passed since it was sent. If the link has expired, perform the procedure again and request the recovery email through your email. The link also expires if you request a recovery email again.