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How to Reply Quoting another Tweet from PC or Mobile Device?

28 de January de 2022

Nowadays, the use of social networks as way of communicating and expressing It is very common among young people. On such social networks as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Twitter, users can express their ideas and opinions on practically any particular topic. On the other hand, in the same way that you can express an idea or opinion on any topic, you can also reply and comment on what other users have shared.

Such is the case of Twitter with the option to ‘quote or quoted’ which allows us to respond to someone else’s Tweet quickly and easy. This function is used by millions of users a day, as it is an excellent way to express the opinions and ideas of users in reference to what another user has shared or commented on.

What steps to follow to quote a Tweet in a reply?

Despite being something really used by millions of users a day, the steps to follow to being able to quote a Tweet are not known to everyone. Therefore, to be able to express your opinion on any point, either from your computer or mobile device, this article is for you.

It is important to note that in order to quote a Tweet as well as make use of many of Twitter’s mechanics, we must have an account. Creating a Twitter account is really easy, we can do it linking our Google or Facebook account. We can also do it through our email.

from a computer

The first thing we must do to be able to quote Tweets from our computer, be it desktop or laptop, is to open the twitter page in our browser. Once there, it will ask us for our email and password to be able to toAccess our Twitter account.

Once there, we will see that each Tweet that there is from our friends, followers or people that we follow, will have in the bottom several options. Among the options we can see the ‘Comment’, ‘Retweet’, ‘Like’ options and the ‘Share’ option to share your posts on other social networks.

To be able to quote the Tweet in question that we want, we must click on the option called ‘Retweet’ or retweet. When doing so, a small window appears that will show us two options, ‘Retweet’ and ‘Quote Tweet’ or Quote Tweet. We will click on the option to quote tweet and we will be able to write our tweet citing the one we have previously chosen.

On a mobile device

Being able to quote a tweet from a mobile device is quite simple and can be done in two different ways. It is important to note that we must have a Twitter user account to be able to quote and use any of the platform’s functions.

Firstly, we can quote from our mobile device, Going into Google and searching for Twitter. Once there we will proceed to enter with our Twitter account, we will be able to see the following options below the tweets or the tweet that we want to quote. The options are ‘Comment’, ‘Retweet’, ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ which in Spanish would be Comment, Retweet, like and share.

quote from mobile on twitter

We will press the Retweet option and it will appear a window that will give us two options, retweet normally or quote. There we will give the second option, which is the one that will allow us to make the appointment. With that we can start writing our quoted Tweet.

On the other hand, we have the most used option, which is to do it from the Twitter mobile application. From the Twitter application, it is practically the same procedure, since each Tweet has the same options at the bottom.

Among the options of ‘Comment’, ‘Retweet’, ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ which in Spanish would be Comment, Retweet, like and share we select Retweet option. Doing this will open a new window with two options, Retweet and Quote Tweet. We will select the second to be able to write a tweet quoting the one we selected.

tweet quoted in mobile app

What is the character limit that can be used when quoting a Tweet?

As we already know, quoting the tweet of a person, page or group to give our opinion on any particular topic is very useful. On the other hand, at the time of Quote any Tweet we must think and organize very well what we are going to say.

This is because the Twitter platform has a character limit system for each Tweet. The character limit established by the Twitter platform to make a quote is 280 characters, enough for many but not enough for others.

It is because of this limitation of characters that several users are forced to use abbreviations like OMG, LOL, FYI etc. to be able to express themselves appropriately in their tweets and quotes.

How to prevent Tweets from being quoted in your posts?

Quoting Tweets is a very useful tool, however, there are people who use it. tool for negative purposes. Because of this, the Twitter platform has the feature to make it so that only your friends or followers can quote your tweets.

We can do this when writing a Tweet, at the bottom above the options menu. There we will see a bar that says ‘Anyone can reply’, pressing there will open a window that says ‘Who can answer?’

privacy options on twitter

This window will show us the following options to choose who can respond. The options are ‘all’ which is the default, ‘people you follow’ and ‘only the persons mentioned’.