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How to Repair and Recover the Content of a Damaged PDF File Online? (Example)

20 de July de 2021

For those who work writing, that a file is corrupted or damaged, it is the worst of the imaginable nightmares, since this can cause you to lose a job completely and have to start from scratch. But do not despair that today you will learn how to repair and recover the content of a corrupted PDF file online.

Because of course it is possible to recover the files or fix them, it just takes some patience (not that much really), and of course the use of programs created by true geniuses who are the lifeguards of these shores.

Repair and recover the content of a corrupted PDF file online

Sometimes, when opening, editing and converting PDF files they tend to spoil their structure, as in the case of converting PDF files into images on an Android phone, just citing a few examples.

The first thing you should take into account is that there are many ways to repair your files, some completely online and others by downloading programs.

But first of all, why does this problem occur? Well, the most common thing is that it occurs when the PDF type file to another format such as Word, or vice versa when converted to PDF. The good thing is that it is very rare that a PDF is completely corrupted.

With that said, it is time for what interests you, the best tool that you can use to repair and recover the content of a corrupted PDF file online, is called PDF-Online.

The first thing to do is go to the official page of said tool, just upon entering a large bar will appear where you can upload your files (it should be noted that cloud services are available in this application, so you can upload them from there).

Once your file is downloaded on this page, click the “Start”, And the analysis will begin. The best thing about PDF-Online is that it allows you to indicate what things should be repaired, for example:

You can tell it if it is the pages, the tables or the sources that are corrupt or damaged and thus increase the efficiency and the chances of recovering your file intact.

The time the analysis will take depends on the size of the file but it usually takes a few seconds, once completed, a button will appear called “Download”, Which when pressed will obviously download our document to the computer.

Another way to repair Adobe Reader content

Not all ways to repair and recover the content of a PDF file corrupted online are so effective, in some cases the error (s) in question may continue to appear or it may not even be the document that is bothering you.

Therefore it is always good to try other solutions to the problem, one of these is as simple as using Adobe Reader to recover the file, or well, rather repair the document reader.

This is because in many cases it is not the document that was corrupted but the Adobe, which it will throw an error every time you try to open any file.

The first thing you should do to solve this problem is to make sure you have the most current version of the program, then simply open it and in the top bar you will see a section called “Help”Select it.

corrupt file

It will display a window containing an option called “Repair program installation”Press it and voila, this should fix the problem with the file reader and allow you to view your saved documents.

In conclusion…

To conclude, it must be said that no problem lacks a solution, if none of these tricks helped you, then just keep searching the web for pages that repair PDF or recover a damaged PDF file with Recovery Toolbox.

The only thing you need is patience, and a lot of ingenuity, but almost 100% surely you will be able to find the fault that corrupts your document and makes your days bitter, since after leaving here you can consider yourself an expert in repair and recover the content of a corrupted PDF file online.