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How to Remove the App Store from the menu of my iPhone – Restrictions

19 de January de 2022

The vast majority of people who have Apple brand mobile phones want to customize the menu in an original way that contains the user’s tastes. The problem with this is that as the Apple phone brand is known, it tends to be a little closed when making changes, some users may call it a bit complicated when it comes to making some modifications to the device.

On the other hand, there is no worse problem than the ignorance, many of the Apple users they do not know how to fully use their device and how to do to be able to modify certain options. But you have nothing to worry about, because today you will learn how to make some modifications to the main menu of your iPhone.

Why should you restrict access to your app store on iOS?

First of all, we will show you a little about how to remove apps from the menu of your iPhone, for this, you will have to do the same as with other phones with different operating systems. All you have to do is press and hold the application you want to delete, there you will see a list with two options, one of them will say “edit home screen” and the other will say “remove app”, you must press the delete option and then press delete to confirm your choice.

You must bear in mind that some apps that come with the iOS operating system cannot be removed, because these applications are integrated into the operating system. On the other hand, if the system does not allow you to remove a non-Apple app, try disabling parental controls and try to delete it again.

Out of your sight and out of your mind

In this case, if having the Apple app store in view causes you some kind of feeling, the best thing you can do is hide the app from the menu, this way you will not have to appreciate said app without your approval.

Effective parental control

The parental control that comes with iPhone devices allows you to block or limit applications and the specific functions that you want to control, with this you can control the content that enters the device. In addition to controlling the purchases made with the device and in the same way controlling or restricting the downloads of the device.

This option is more than anything used by parents, in this way, they restrict their children’s cell phones a little, with these restrictions, they will prevent children or adolescents from having the cell phone make unnecessary app purchases. As we all know, the vast majority of applications in the iOS application store are paid, therefore, this is a great option to limit the expenses of your credit card when buying applications.

Similarly, in addition to limiting purchases from the app store, with this method you can also limit purchases from stores such as iTunes, in addition to the fact that unauthorized people will not be able to install or uninstall applications on the device without your consent.

How can you hide your AppStore from your iPhone menu?

On the other hand, if you do not want to apply parental control to the Apple app store, you can hide the app from the main menu of your or your children’s device, this way only you can have access to the app. When you decide to hide an app, that app it will not appear in the main menuIn addition, if you use “family sharing”, said app will also not appear in the purchases of family members, but said app will still appear in your history or purchase invoice.

learn how to hide the app store

Now, to hide any application, the first thing you should do is open the App Store, being there look for the account button or the profile picture that will appear at the top of your screen, being there, look for and touch the option purchased, if you use the family sharing option, press the “my purchases” option.

Once you enter the place of my purchases, you must search for the app that you want to hide, when you have found the app that you want to hide, swipe left, there will appear the option to hide, click on it. After that, a confirmation will appear, you must press “ok” and that’s it, the application is hidden from your application menu.

How can you create restrictions for the purchase and download of apps on your device?

Indeed, you can restrict purchases and downloads in your iPhone applications, you can restrict purchases in the Apple application store, you can also restrict purchases in the iTunes platform and other platforms.

To create these restrictions, the first thing you should do is go to the general settings of the device, being there, you should look for the option of “screen time” you will need to activate the screen time, press “continue” and choose the option of “this is my [dispositivo]” or the option of “this is him [dispositivo]”.

After this, you must click on content and privacy restrictions, possibly, it will ask you for your code, enter that code and activate all the restrictions and privacy content. After this, tap on App Store & iTunes Purchases, tap on the option of “in-app purchases” and select the option of Don’t allow. In this way, you will be able to restrict purchases in the virtual stores that your phone has, this more than anything when you have children and want to limit spending on applications and music.

learn how to create restrictions for the purchase and download of apps on your device

What other configurations can you make in your iPhone applications?

There are endless modifications that you can make to the different applications of your iPhone, among them is the possibility of placing passwords to any of the applications of your iPhone. To do this, you must go to settings, then log in time of use, choose the password you want, then click on all devices, the applications will appear there, select the applications you want to block.