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How to Remove or Delete the Cover Photo from my Facebook Profile

31 de May de 2021

Among the different and varied options that it allows Facebook, so that its users can configure their profile, in a way in which they feel more comfortable, is in their photo. Currently you can, thanks to the new version of the application, make important changes without Facebook preventing you. This is why we want to show you the following tutorial, which will indicate the steps to follow to remove or delete the cover photo from my Facebook profile.

It usually happens that when we have created our Facebook account, we do not have a photo that we like at hand, to put it in our profile cover. But unfortunately we have to use it and then we don’t know how to remove or delete it. But do not continue to regret that photo that you do not like at all and keep reading to find the solution.

Among the different functions that the Facebook platform has activated in its new version, is the possibility of remove or delete the cover photo from my Facebook profile. Thanks to these new options you can substantially change the design of your page and give it that personal touch that you have always wanted.

How to remove or delete the cover photo from my Facebook profile

The steps that we are going to follow so that you can remove or delete the cover photo from my Facebook profile, They are very similar to what you must do to delete your profile photo, first of all you go to your personal Facebook account on your computer. After you have logged in and logged into your account, you will go directly to the blue bar at the top.

Here you will find the photo of your profile, when you find it you will make a clip there, this action will take you to another window, where your cover and your name are displayed. Below them you will find several optionssuch as Biography, Information, Friends, etc. but you will go to the Photos tab and you will do a clip to enter.

When you do this, your photos and Your Photos and Albums options will appear, but you will clip in the Albums tab. By doing this, it will show you several photos with the following options, Create album, Featured photos, Profile photos, etc. but we must make clip in the option of Cover photo to enter it.

It will immediately show you all those photos that you have uploaded on your profile cover, then the next thing you are going to do is look for that photo that corresponds to the one on your cover. When you have located it you must select it, when you perform this action you will show the enlarged photo across the screen.

Finding Facebook Cover Photo Delete Option

Now you are going to go to the lower right part of the photo and you are going to select Options, when you make a clip, several options will appear but you will select the option of Delete this photo. Then a window will appear with the following information. Are you sure you want to delete this photo? And you are going to make a clip in the Delete option.

And finally close the photo in large, so that you are in the previous window, to finish you just have to update the page so that the change you just made is applied. And now you can check that the photo that you had placed in your profile cover. And you only see the area, with a black background.

remove facebook photo

In this very simple way, with few steps and without stress of any nature, you have learned to use another function of this social network, which previously did not allow to do so. And if you follow the steps and apply the instructions that we offer here, you will be able to remove or delete the cover photo from my Facebook profile.