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How to Remove iMessage Activation Error? – iPhone and iPad

25 de January de 2022

The best messaging application that SIM cards use to work well is iMessage. iMessage is an application that is only available on Apple devices which are the iPhone and iPad. To be able to use this application it is very important that you activate it.

When activating iMessage to use it, you may have certain problems that can only be solved by doing certain specific things. Soon we will show you why do i get these errors in iMessage, how to remove this activation error and when to save for such error to be removed.

Why do iMessage activation errors happen?

Activation problems within iMessage are almost always caused by some step that was done wrong when you were activating the application to use it. Although it is very unlikely, it is something that can happen. You already know that when you activate iMessage you must follow each of the steps indicated.

Another reason why iMessage activation errors occur is due to a mobile failure in terms of services of the application. When the iMessage application has malfunctions in a strange way, it shows it by giving errors for activation.

Now, if you were using iMessage quietly and suddenly the application notifies you of an error in its activation, you don’t have to worry. Any of the activation errors that iMessage presents to you can be fixed.

It should be noted that, with iMessage, there is a quick way to delete each of your messages, both those that you have sent and those that you have received. If you haven’t talked to anyone for a long time and you want to release all those conversations old ones, you just have to carry out the mass cleaning of messages.

By the way, with iMessage you can not only clean the messages you have sent and received, but there is also a way to delete your account and phone number.

How to remove activation error within iMessage?

The activation problems that you have your iMessage you can solve them if you try at least three things. These three things that you can try is to see if the date that the mobile has is correct, if the configuration for iMessage is correct and restart the app services.

Next, we are going to explain what is the use of doing each of these things and how they are carried out to try to remove this activation problem.

Check device date and time

person looking at the time on a clock

When the device does not have the date, much less the real time, iMessage has a hard time sync in real time its services. The services that iMessage runs are even related to the mobile clock. That’s why you have to keep up to the time in real time.

However, the easiest way to know if the date and time of your cell phone is correct is entering Google Chrome to place in the search ‘Date and time’. In the search result you should immediately see the current time in your country and, above all, what the current date is. When you have the time, you must change it:

  1. go to settings
  2. Look for the section that says ‘Date/Time’ and enter it
  3. Locate an option that allows you to change both the date and time of the mobile
  4. To finish, put the date that Google gives you, also the date and save the changes

When you finish doing all this to change the date on your mobile, you can see how the iMessage application is hidden without anyone noticing.

Check if the device is configured correctly

The other thing that you should check if after fixing the time you still have those activation errors is the cell phone configuration. This is to make sure the app has enough permissions to work properly. To do this, you must:

configuration logo

  1. Enter the mobile settings
  2. Go to the ‘Apps’ section
  3. Select the iMessage app
  4. See each of your settings and activate the permissions you have restricted by mobile

Once you finish doing this, it is important that you restart the mobile phone so that the changes are carried out successfully.

Disable and restart the app

The last thing to try is what will give you the definitive solution to your acting problem with iMessage. You must completely disable the iMessage app and restart the mobile, see what you should do:

  1. Go to mobile settings
  2. Go into iMessage details
  3. Turn off the iMessage app
  4. Now, it also turns off the FaceTime app
  5. What follows is to restart your cell phone
  6. Finally, when you turn the cell phone back on, it reactivates both iMessage and FaceTime and the problem should be solved.

How long do you have to wait for this error to be removed from iMessage?

By applying the last mentioned process, the activation problem presented by the iMessage of your mobile should be solved. In other words, the solution of such an error by law should be fixed instantly once you apply any of the processes we gave you above.

Now, in case after having carried out each one of them you still you still have activation problems in iMessage, then you should go to iMessage technical support. On that website you will ask the developers of your cell phone directly to see what can be done.