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How to Remove Background from a Photo in Snapseed with my Phone? – iOS and Android

14 de January de 2022

Applications to edit photos are very fashionable today, all this is because many like keep your social media active. So in order for all their photos to look perfect within your profile, what they do is use an editing tool to customize their photos.

In the list of the best photo editing applications there is one called Snapseed, an application that allows you to even remove the background of an image. In short, we’ll show you how to import an image from the gallery into Snapseed, how to remove the background from an image using Snapseed, and how to export an edited image.

How to import an image from your gallery to the Snapseed App?

Snapseed is a good image editing application that can be downloaded from the Play Store without having to pay anything, in the App Store and in APKs on any page. In addition to being available for Android and iPhone mobiles, is also available for Windows computers.

Now in order to remove the background from an image within Snapseed, you have to learn how to import content. Take a look at how images you have in your gallery are imported into the Snapseed app:

  1. turn on the cell phone
  2. Locate the Snapseed app on mobile
  3. Open the Snapseed App
  4. Go to the main menu
  5. Then look for an icon with the plus sign (+)
  6. Press that icon to see the images you have on your mobile
  7. To finish, select the image you want to import and that’s it

Once you’ve imported the photo into the Snapseed app, all you have to do is go to use editing methods what you have in mind In case you didn’t know, if you want to upload photos to Instagram, the most recommended app to use is Snapseed because it has very good effects to put on photos.

Also, with this tool you can get good pictures in a not so heavy size and make it look good. Such kind of things help Instagram not to lower the quality when uploading it.

What is the way to remove the background from an image with Snapseed from the mobile?

Removing the background from an image using the Snapseed app is really easy. You could say that it is much easier than removing the background of an image using Photoshop. If you wish remove the background from an image Using the Snapseed, pay careful attention to the next two sub-topics.

boy using a mobile

With the brush tool

To edit a photo in Snapseed it is important that import the content you want to edit. So, we are going to explain everything to you from the beginning:

  1. turn on your cell phone
  2. Open the Snapseed app
  3. Go directly to the main menu
  4. Press the button with the (+) symbol
  5. Add the photo you want to edit
  6. In all editing options, look for a tool that has a little brush shape
  7. With that brush, you are going to mark the part of the background that you want to remove

This is the first part of the process you have to do, if you have already done everything we have mentioned, you are doing well. If you have made a mistake in something, don’t worry, close everything and do everything mentioned above again. It should be noted that, with your computer, there is a way to blur images.

Using the ‘Eye’ function

The second part of the process It consists of completely eliminating everything related to what has been previously marked with the brush. To finish, do the following:

  1. When you finish selecting the part of the background you want to remove, you should look for an eye icon
  2. When you find that option, select the intensity that you will use to remove the part you have selected
  3. When choosing the intensity of the tool, press where it says ‘Done’ or ‘Save’ and that would be it

When you finish removing the background of your image in Snapseed, you should learn how to increase the quality of photos using the Photoshop program. If you download Photoshop you will be able to do many more things than you do to edit your photos within Snapseed.

Snapseed specializes in the sharpening and retouching images to upload on social networks. However, it is also very good at erasing details in images just like Photoshop does.

How to export and share a Snapseed photo to your gallery?

share logo

If you wish export an image you’ve edited in Snapseed You need to do three very simple things. These three things are, finish editing the image, hit the ‘Save’ option, and wait for Snapseed to finish exporting the project. That’s all you need to do to export an image in Snapseed on Android.

To share an image, what you need to do is press the 3 dots icon and click on ‘Share’. If you want save a snapseed image on ios, what you should do is finish editing the photo, click on ‘Save’ and then click on ‘Save Copy’.

Regarding the photo sharing, what you have to do is press the icon with the 3 dots and click on ‘Share’. When you have some problem editing a photo or to export it, what you have to do is go to the website for Snapseed technical support.