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How to Remove and View Age Restricted Videos on YouTube – Quick and Easy (Example)

10 de July de 2021

The age restriction on Youtube It has a specific purpose, however it can be annoying at times. It is for this reason that today we will teach How to remove and watch videos with age restriction on YouTube – Easy and Fast.

Many would think that the process for remove age restriction and accessing limited videos is complicated, but the truth is that it can be done very easily. Read carefully this information that we have prepared for you and learn the most basic method for this.

What is the method of watching age-restricted videos on YouTube?

The truth is that there is no magic method that allows you to view videos with age restrictions on the platform Youtube. Also remember that the age restriction has a reason:

Protection of the minor

The age restriction on YouTube is intended to protect minors to content that might not be suitable for them. In any case, it is true that children’s content is often mistakenly classified as adult content.

Indeed, this YouTube measure makes perfect sense, as it seeks to protect minors. In fact, we recommend blocking web pages in Google Chrome and other similar actions in the event that you have minors in your home, as this will protect them from sensitive content.

Even so, if you want to disable the measure, don’t worry, the truth is that there are certain ways to view videos with this restriction. And here we will teach you in a very simple way how to observe those videos that are restricted.

In any case, before starting we recommend you consider the option to unblock / block user on YouTube, since this way you can restrict those users that you consider inappropriate without removing the age restriction.

How to Remove and Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube – Quick and Easy

The process to access age-restricted videos is not difficult, in any case the first thing you should do is log into your YouTube account. We recommend doing it through your computer, since that is where the configuration options we need will appear.

In the event that you cannot access through a desktop computer, you will need to enable the desktop mode. You can activate this mode by entering your preferred browser, clicking on the configuration options and checking the desktop site option.

Once you have confirmed this, you can start the process

  1. When you are in your YouTube account, click on your profile photo located above and to the right. Now locate the option Setting and click on it.
  2. The system will redirect you to the configuration options, you must locate the tab Your YouTube channel, you can easily find it since below it is your profile photo and name.
  3. Now you must click on the edit option in Google. You will be redirected to your Google account settings. In the first instance, you will be allowed to change your name, but what interests us is age, then click Cancel.
  4. Going down a bit the page you will find the section on Date of birth. Click on the edit button located to the right of Sex, date of birth and other information.
  5. Next to your date of birth a small exclamation mark will appear, click on it. The system will ask you if you want to change your date of birth, click on the button Go to your Google account.
  6. The configuration options of your age will be displayed on the screen, press next to your date of birth, again in the edit button.
  7. Modify your date of birth and click on the option To update.

Set YouTube date of birth

After the above process you can display correctly videos that are age restricted. In any case, we recommend that you use the previous method with prudence and criteria, remember that the age restriction it has a reason for being.

On the other hand, there is also a problem related to blocked videos in certain nations. Given this, you can also see videos on YouTube that are blocked in your country, just follow the previous guide where you will see the entire procedure.