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How to Remove All ‘Sections’ from your Word Files? – Merge and Delete

4 de March de 2022

Section breaks are one of the many tools that Microsoft Word offers to apply formatting styles to your text file, a very useful resource when working on a project comprised of chapters.

Well, by means of these jumps, it is possible to give different formats to the text in the same document, the grace with this function is to use it only when required. If you currently have a document with some section breaks that are not requiredthen stick around to learn how to erase them.

What are sections for in Microsoft Word documents?

You have probably heard of certain functions within Word, of which you have no idea what they are for, this is natural when you do not handle those tools frequently. For example, it is common to find people who do not know that it is possible to insert comments in a document, the same thing happens with section breaks.

This figure has the purpose of marking in the file a kind of limit that indicates the end of a section and start another, this is useful to a greater or lesser extent, depending on your needs. For example, if you need pages with a different column structure, you can add a section break to the next page, and in each one configure the desired number of columns.

If you’re running a project, a book, a guide, or any other type of text that involves a rigid structure, section breaks are a good option, for configure the format settings in each necessary. They are applicable even on the same page, they can also be programmed to start on every odd or even page.

adding new section to word document

What do you need to do to add a section to your file?

If you are interested, based on the explanation we have just given you, in conjunction with your own research, in apply the section break to your document, then the first thing you should do is download Word from its official site. With this word processor, you will not only be able to make use of section breaks, but also countless other useful functions.

Through section breaks, you can easily combine various page orientations, numbering styles, number of columns, specific borders, and everything else you need in the process in just one Word file. But initially you must add it in your document.

With your mouse and keyboard

The first method that we want to present to you to insert a section break in your Word document is little known, but in the long run it will save you much more time when executing this function. We talked about creating a personal shortcut for inserting the section break, and this is achieved:

  • Go to “File” and choose “Options”.
  • Then in the “Customize Ribbon” option, find “Keyboard shortcuts”.
  • Press the “Customize…” button, go to the “Categories” section.
  • Check “All row commands”, also in “Commands” activate “InsertSectionBreak”.
  • In the field, enter the key combination of your choice and confirm Assign.

This sets up your own command to insert section breaks every time you need them, plus you can lose care, because if you no longer need them, you can remove or delete line page section breaks.

joining two sections of a word file

From the toolbar

This is the traditional way that most people apply when they require a section break, also with this method, it is possible to choose what kind of section break we want to use. The only thing that is required is to move the cursor to the toolbar in the “Format” tab.

Once there to the “Jumps” button, then at the bottom you will see the list of jumps and you can choose between, “Next page”, “Continuous”, “Even page” or “Odd page”, each one with its brief description. As soon as you select it, it will be added to the document.

How can you join two or more sections in your Word file?

Section breaks are fully modifiable elements, which allows you, among other things, to agglomerate a couple or more, into one. This is useful if as you go through the editing of the file, you notice that the break you applied does not correspond to what it should or is unnecessary.

How to get merge two adjoining sections divided by a jump is by removing the jump itself. After that you can, for example, create a table with automatic content, or apply any scheme you want, since they are part of the same unit.

What is the procedure with which you can delete a section of Word?

It is time to point out the method with which you can get rid of page breaks, be it a particular one or all of them, because, although they are quite useful, they are not always necessary. The first option, which you have to get rid of a page break, it is simply to place the cursor to the right of the same jump and press “DEL”.

What are the steps to clear all sections in Microsoft Word?

then there are others cases in which the jumps are multiple, there may even be the situation, that you are editing a third party document that contains too many unnecessary page breaks, so removing them one by one is a real challenge.

Don’t worry, you can simplify it by following this path Start> Replace> More> Special> Section break. A dialog box will appear where you only have to click on “Replace all”, at the end you can forget about the section breaks in the document.