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How to Remove a Reaction or ‘Like’ from your Chat in Messenger – Web Interactions

31 de December de 2021

The social network Facebook Messenger is one of the best messaging applications and platforms on the internet. What makes this possible are the many features it incorporates. In addition to this, it is also one of the most used applications because you can access the account created from Facebook and from the Lite version.

Speaking more about Messenger, you should know that the application allows you to set a default emoji within each chat so that you can use it whenever you want. In this short summary we will show you how to remove the reaction of likes to a conversation within Messenger, how to remove a like from Messenger messages and other things.

What to do to change the ‘like’ reaction in a Messenger message?

By default, the emoji or reaction of the chats within Messenger is the like, which is like a kind of thumb up. This emoji is mostly used to indicate that you like something, but almost no one currently uses it.

The vast majority of people who use Messenger daily prefer modify this default emoji and put any other. The ones that most often use to change this emoji in Messenger is the little red heart or any heart of any other color.

Another of the emojis that are used to change the emoji of the Like, is the emoji in the shape of a little devil, the ghost emoji and the heart-eyed emoji. It should be noted that, in addition to putting this type of emojis in Messenger, you can review the message requests in your Messenger account and react to them as well.

Besides putting predetermined reactions too can react to other people’s messages. If you want, you can change the ‘Like’ reaction in a Messenger message. Pay attention to the following procedure:

  1. Turn on your cell phone
  2. Locate the Messenger application and enter it
  3. Find the chat where the reaction of the message you want to change is located
  4. Then, press and hold this message and wait for the reactions to appear again
  5. In the reaction bar you will select the one you want the message to have and it will be changed immediately

How to remove a like from Messenger messages?

The ‘likes’ count as part of the reactions in the messages. However, sometimes these ‘likes’ are wrongly placed in the message and people don’t know how to remove the reaction. Although you can exchange that reaction for any other (as shown in the process above), perhaps it is better not to react to that message.

girl chatting on mobile

There is a way to remove the ‘likes’ of the messages and also any other reactions. If you want to know how do you do this kind of thing, pay attention to the following indications:

  1. Turn on your cell phone
  2. Open the Messenger app on your mobile
  3. Now, enter the chat where is the message to which you want to delete the reaction
  4. Long press on this message
  5. Wait for the emoji bar to come out
  6. Press the ‘Like’ emoji again or the emoji you want to delete and it will be removed from the message

By the way, with Messenger there is a way to see the archive of your stories. The story archive shows you each of status updates that you have placed inside the Messenger.

Is the other person notified when you suppress a reaction?

The best thing about removing reactions from messages within Messenger is that the app doesn’t notify the other person. If the other party is careful and is aware of everything you do in the chat, they may realize it. But if you eliminate the reaction quickly, the other party will surely not notice.

Messenger does notify the other person when they react to one of their messages, plus does not notify you when you delete one of the reactions that you have placed. In addition, one of the best things about Messenger is that from the web Messenger you can delete and place reactions, just like with the mobile application.

person at table using cell phone

If you have a computer at home, you can chat with whoever you want from Messenger Web without any problem and without downloading programs.

How are the default reactions restored in Messenger?

At the beginning we said that Messenger allows you to modify the reaction Default with any emoji you want. This is something very easy to do that can be modified from the information of the conversation. However, there are people who after changing the emoji do not know how to return to the original. Pay attention to how to change the default emoji again within a chat:

  1. Open the Messenger app
  2. Enter the chat for which you want to change the emoji
  3. Then, press the icon with the three dots to see the information of the conversation
  4. Then I look for a section called ‘Customize chat’ and press it
  5. Now, click on an option that says ‘Change emojis’
  6. There you will see what the current emoji is and you will press where it says ‘Delete’
  7. Finally, confirm the action and you will have the ‘Like’ as the default emoji in the conversation again

Why are your reactions not visible on Messenger?

The reactions within Messenger are completely visible, so that the other person can know what you think of their messages. That was the reason why the ability to react to messages, to find out if a message they sent you liked, enchanted, angered, amused, saddened, etc.