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How to Remotely Turn On and Off my PS4 with my Android Mobile or iPhone? (Example)

14 de June de 2021

PS4 is the best console of this generation, this fame was earned by the incredible functions it brought to the table, such as the one that lets you edit videos with ShareFactory, just for one of those functions is that today’s guide was created. So that it can be learned How do I turn my PS4 on and off remotely?

And, although this is one of the best features of the Play, many people do not know it because it came out relatively recently, which is a sin, because by really learning to use this function you can take advantage of your PS4 from a different way.

How to turn my PS4 on and off remotely?

Now to get straight to the point and learn as soon as possible how to turn on and off my PS4 remotely, the first thing you should know is that this action can only be done through the Official Sony App, which you can download on both Android and IOS.

Due to this, the first step to be able to turn your console on and off remotely is to download the application Remote Screen PS4 free from your respective store on your mobile.

Once you have it you have to open it, inside you will get a home screen where you must read what they tell you and press the “Next” button, then you will be shown a small guide of what you must do to use the App ( this is not very detailed), click on the Blue x that comes out to close it.

If you did everything right up to this point, you should find yourself in a section where the PS4 console will come out, when you see your console press it, that will immediately redirect you to a place where you will have to enter a code.

Set up the phone on the PS4

With the above, you have already done what you should have on your mobile, so to continue with the procedure that will allow you to turn on and turn off my PS4 remotely, now you have to go on to configure the console.

To do this, after you have been asked for the code on your mobile, go to the console and in the menu choose the option “Settings”, within this there are many options, select the one by name “Mobile application connection settings”.

In this other place you will get the mobile devices that you have authorized, as you have not entered any yet, you must click on “Add device”, that will automatically give you a code, which is the one you must put on your phone (it is valid for five minutes) .

Put it on and go, now your console and device will be quickly synchronized and you can now use the App to control the console, this process should only be done once.

How to use the App?

Now that you have read all of the above, you are almost done solving the question: How to remotely turn on and turn off my PS4? Finally, you must learn to control the App to perform power on and off.

ps4 original black controller

These actions are easily carried out, you just have to touch the section of your console in the app menu, and that will automatically display three options that you can perform: “Disconnect”, “Second screen” and “Power”.

Press the one that says power and that will make your PS4 turn on and off as well. And ready. However, before you go, do not forget to keep looking for information guides about the different functions of your Play, so that you can get all the available juice, you can search for example: How to download games to the PS4 from the cell phone.

Or also, how to use and put a webcam when streaming direct on PS4, since with these guides you will never be misinformed and you can do whatever you want.