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How to Register or Register in Mercado Libre – The Purchase and Sale Website

28 de July de 2021

Mercado Libre is a company that originated in Argentina but currently offers its services through the internet in several countries, it is a very simple and practical way to acquire items through purchase, free market is something similar to a virtual mall.

Mercado Libre users are usually people who offer products on their own, although there are large and small companies that also take advantage of the popularity of this page to publicize their services or articles such as real estate, vehicles, answers for all kinds of artifacts, among thousands more things.

It is also used by retailers to purchase their products at a better price. Mercado Libre offers three different types of collection percentages for each type of sale. It also depends on the reputation that the user has in the page.

The rating of a seller refers to the time that he has been using the platform for his benefit, also to the responsibility, attitude, punctuality and treatment of his buyers. In this way it is easier to know what kind of person are you buying from.

What is the function of Mercado Libre?

Mercado Libre offers its users the opportunity to review each and every one of the products and services published by sellers, who are usually wholesalers, manufacturers, people engaged in informal trade, large and small companies.

It also has a system for buyers to identify the degree of trust and responsibility owned by each of the sellers with their former buyers. The purchase in Mercado Libre can be made through online money transfers by PayPal, Skrill, or other payment methods previously agreed with the seller.

If a buyer makes a purchase from a seller with a low level or no reputation, and is swindled, or deceived, Mercado Libre is not responsible for anything since the buyer even knowing that the seller was from dubious reputation, decided to continue the activity.

Anyone can see and learn about the articles and services published on this page, however in order to carry out any action, such as asking a question to the seller, buying or selling something, it is mandatory to carry out the formal registration on the site through the creation of an account for individuals or an account for companies.

How can I register at Mercado Libre?

In some countries Mercado Libre is the main page for buying and selling items of all kinds of categories, as well as useful services for society. To review all these products and services All you have to do is go to the official Mercado Libre website through a computer, tablet, laptop, phone, any device that has internet access, and start looking at any of them that interest you.

If you want to make a purchase, sale or want to ask a seller a question about their product, you will have to officially register on the page, this consists of fill out a form With everything that Mercado Libre indicates, generally when it is to open accounts for people who need to buy or sell, they are simple steps, how to indicate an email, name, password and other basic information about us.

person using a computer

To create a company account, it is basically the same procedure as to create one for individuals. You go to the official page of Mercado Libre and at the top click where the option of “creat your account” then you select company account.

At the time of set up your business account The page will request very detailed information about it, such as company name, billing address, among others. By having this complete record, you will be able to use it to offer your services, and track your purchases from Mercado Libre.

How much does Mercado Libre charge?

Mercado Libre requires that the products you are going to offer have a minimum value of a certain amount established in its policy. If your product does not have that minimum amount of value, Mercado Libre will not allow you to publish it. You can group other items so that in this way you meet that requirement.

It also offers the opportunity to do so free formFor this, it is recommended to read the official information on the Mercado Libre page.