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How to Record Video on Instagram with ‘Green Screen’ Filter? – iOS and Android

6 de March de 2022

Instagram fulfills the objective or function of offering its users the possibility of being able to share your life to your followers by publishing photos or videos on your profile, in addition to being able to edit these previously with effects, filters or frames. This application has managed to position itself as one of the most popular in the world

In addition to being able to share photos and videos through posts in their profile feed, Instagram users also have other tools to share photos and videos in a shorter way, through stories that last for 24 hours and then disappear. To make these stories more fun and entertaining, it is usual to access the long list of filters that the application has, among which you can find the famous filter to record videos on green screen.

How to find a green screen filter on Instagram?

The Instagram application is a social network that since its launch has shown that its main focus is photos, this is possible by giving its users the opportunity to share their photos and videos, or even GIFs through publications in the main Instagram feed. their Instagram profiles. However, despite being its main focus, the application also has other functions that are of great importance to its users, these are the famous Instagram stories.

Since the Instagram application launched the stories function, which have a duration of 24 hours to be deleted automatically. This function quickly became one of the favorites of its users, especially content creators, since they have different options, such as making their Instagram stories more attractive using various effects and filters that help them, or just for fun at the same time. time of create stories and content for his followers.

One of the most popular filters currently among Instagram users is the green screen filter, which has the ability to replace the background in which they are found by any image or video, thus having the opportunity to simulate being in any background, while the user appears in front of it as a silhouette. This filter, along with others, can be found in the filters section of the Instagram camera section.

Green screen filter name

The green screen filter on Instagram is a great option to use for those content creators such as influencers, actors, comedians, reporters, among many others, or for those users who simply want to record a different and fun video for their stories.

In the Instagram filters and effects section you can find different versions of this filtertherefore, users can choose the one that works best for them, the most used green screen filters by users are offered by the same application and can be found under the names of ‘Green screen’ or ‘Reveal Background’.

woman using instagram

How to save green screen filter?

To be able to save the green screen filter on Instagram you must first get it, for this you must enter the camera section of the application and enter the filters section where you can find new filters for Instagram stories, there write the name of the green screen filter in the finder.

Once the filter is found, click on it, you will see different option icons such as ‘try’ ‘save’ and ‘share’ at the bottom of the screen, click on the save icon and it will be automatically added to the list of saved filters.

How to use the green screen filter correctly on Instagram?

Using a filter in the Instagram application is simple, since they all comply with easy-to-use formats, in the case of the green screen filter it is used as follows. Once the filter is saved, return to the Instagram camera section, there the saved filters will appear on the left side of the screen, scroll to the left until you find the filter and that’s it, it will activate automatically and offer the option to add a background from the gallery to the green screen.

Add photos from my gallery in the filter

When the green screen filter is located on the camera, this will be activated automatically asking the user to add a background from their gallery to the green screen. To do this, the user must press on the screen and the images and videos available in his gallery will appear, in addition to being able to scroll through his different folders to find the background he wants faster.

Save video with green screen filter

Once the user has found the ideal background in his gallery, to use in the green screen filter, he only has to make use of it, taking the photographs or recording the videos you want.

save filter green screen

Once a video is recorded, it can be viewed by the user before making the decision to save it or discard it and record it again, to save it, you will see a down arrow icon at the top of the screen, next to the Instagram story editing tools. If you want to discard the video, you just have to click on the cross in the upper left and select the discard option.

How to post a green screen filter video on Instagram?

Once you have finished recording using the green screen filter, the user can share the video in their Instagram stories as follows, you will see the ‘your story’ option at the bottom left of the screen, click on it option and it will be published automatically.