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How to Record My PC’s Screen with Audio Using Google Chrome Extensions

27 de June de 2021

If you have trouble explaining to all your colleagues the presentations of your projects It is important that you know that there are tools that will allow you to show each movement of your organizer.

There are programs to record the desktop, to record through the computer webcam, to record the screen of your cell phone and even connect the webcams of other computers directly to the local area network.

From the learner’s perspective, it is difficult to see and think about a video recorded by a person from their own computer. no need for cameras, but if possible. Thanks to the large number of extensions of Google Chrome you will be able to record the screen with audio from your PC.

They are known as screen recorder or Screen Recorder, they allow us to capture the screen from the same browser without any download or payment and in this article we will give you a brief explanation of each one.

So we can record the screen with audio from the PC using Google Chrome extensions

To record the screen with audio from my PC with Google Chrome, you should know that there are many programs for this, since the way of seeing things is not the same and to make said recording you will have to install one of those.

When you install the extension that best suits your needs, you will have to activate them so that they can record the screen of your computer. The procedure for using each one of them is simple and you can use their tools without problem.

Google Chrome extensions to record screen

Next, we will give you a brief introduction on how to use them and how to find the ideal one for your computer, and achieve our mission of making a recording of the screen of our computer or outside of it.


We can find a program called REMEMBERABLE, friendly for the use of any subject, the screen can be recorded in a simple way and given the case that it is a free extension added to Google Chrome, it will be added to our browser for quick access, we have the format of recording desktop and recording from a webcam, but this extension gives us the possibility to draw some sketches to better indicate our path.


We will also have the ScreenCastify extension that is installed for free to our browser and is also one of the simplest, since it gives us the possibility to record both on the desktop and in the browser and each of its tabs, it also gives us the option of to use or not to use audio with regard to the video and all very comfortably.

Screen Recorder

There is the famous Screen Recorder, which is an extension given to our browser for free, its fame is given because when you record immediately, there are no watermarks on the screen or recording, and a large part of its fame is that you can save the content in your Google account for later use.

Considering the case of video recorders, we can also incorporate the audio recorders of our Google Chrome browser, making known this side that we can explore thanks to technological advances that give us more learning options every day, now we will see the programs of better audio related to our utility.

apowersoft icon blue white background

Audio recorders

Now looking from the best to the worst, we have the called audio recorder ApowersoftIts simple and very flexible function for user use gives us a wide range of utilities, it gives us the possibility of recording from an online radio, YouTube itself or even the music videos that we place on the player. We can convert audio formats from MP3, M4A and WMA for personal use

In addition, the Ondesoft audio recorder is available, which is another way to record from Google Chrome, it is more than all an extension for Mac, it also helps us a lot to record any sound emitted from the organizer such as your websites or music. The best thing about this extension is that audio quality will come out on a large scale, very good audio at all times. If you get any corrupted or damaged extension you can easily repair it for your enjoyment.