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How to record a video or PowerPoint presentation

22 de April de 2021

Power Point is a work tool where you can create, edit, view and run presentations easily and quickly. Also allows to customize said presentation. But do you know how to record a video or a Power Point presentation?

An interesting tool that Power Point handles is that it can make a recording of the presentation you make; animation, narration, and pointer movements will appear in the presentation. Simply your presentation becomes a video which can be seen in Power Point. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it.

Record a video or PowerPoint presentation

If you make a PowerPoint presentation in slideshow mode without animations, the easiest thing to do is to analyze each slide as an individual image. The steps for this is to replace the format of the document; placing JPEG file interchange format, instead of the Power Point Presentation.

Then when you ask Which slide do you want to export? Choose all slides; if you only want it to be one, select just this one.

In this case, there will be a folder created with the name file, where you will get images of the slides you selected. In this presentation you will need a video editing program of Windows Movie Maker, to make the video from the images of your presentation. Then add the audio you want.

create a video in power point

On the other hand, there are dynamic presentations, which are those where the animations that you want to be in the video are included. The steps are:

  • In presentations, you should record the intervals with animations. This creates an annotation for each slide; with the time of performance of the animations and changes, with the description you make and the movements of the presentations.
  • Then save the presentation so you can see the result in full screen. For this go to File and press Keep; This guarantees that what you did will be saved in Power Point format.
  • Select below Save as and in the box Save as type oppresses Power Point presentation; and then click Keep

Convert your presentation to a video

Later, we go to the menu slide show; click on record slide show and press Start recording from the beginning, so that it is saved starting with the first slide.

Then select the transitions and animate the elements of your presentation; as well as ongoing narratives and movements. Press Start Recording and automatically the document will be placed in presentation mode; This is how the slides will play as you deliver your speech.

The original length of the slides is 5 seconds. This you can change it in the box Seconds duration of each slide, in the right part of the box; press click where the up arrow is and this will increase the duration; or the down arrow to decrease the length of the video.

On the other hand, if for your presentation you record the audio of your narrations with intervals, select Use narrations and recorded intervals. Next, you need to export the presentation as a video. For this you must follow the following steps:

  • Hate Menu, and to the section that says To export.
  • Choose Create a video.
  • Confirm that the option Use narrations and recorded intervals is checked.
  • Press Create video.
  • You must choose the name of the file and the format of the video configuration.

Finally, to play the video you made, go to the folder where did you keep the video; then double-click the file.

example of recording in power point

No doubt that the application of Power Point is very effective to perform high-quality presentations; you can also share your videos by email, on a CD or DVD, or in a web post.

Another benefit to facilitate your work is that you can continue to use Power Point during video creation. Undoubtedly an excellent tool that will help you make your presentations more practical and effective.