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How to Record a Meeting with Zoom? (Example)

27 de June de 2021

Be able to record a meeting with Zoom, is one of the many possibilities that this platform includes for its different users. Nowadays, it is not a novelty that meetings or work meetings are held remotely, so the use of Zoom greatly simplifies this task.

Downloading the Zoom video calling app is essential for these purposes. In this way, you can get all the juice out of this app for video calls.

When making video calls or meetings with Zoom, one of the most recurrent needs is to record during the same. Either for an important announcement or to be able to review exactly what was said.

The truth is that, whether or not it is for work reasons, being able to record in a video call is something really useful, that’s why Zoom brings it to its users and we will easily teach you how to do it.

What do I need to be able to record a meeting with Zoom?

First of all, it is good to highlight that the option to record meetings is available for accounts at any level, that is, both free and paid ones.

All you need is to have the recording settings enabled for the account and meeting rooms in question.

Steps to record a meeting with Zoom

Being able to start a local recording on this platform can only be carried out by the host of the room, or by anyone authorized by the host. Consequently, if you are the administrator, the option “Engrave”.

If after this, a message appears with two alternatives, you must choose to select “Record on this computer”, If it does not appear there will be no problem. Then, the host will be able to see in the upper left part of his screen, the recording symbol and the word “Recording”.

Therefore, at the end of the meeting, you will see a notification advising that there is a recording that has to be converted before you can see it.

After this process, which may take a while, the same system will open the folder where the recording file has been stored, which can now be used normally.

It is important to note that if the record symbol does not appear, it means that the mode was not activated correctly and nothing is being archived.

Also, if the meeting room or video call experiences improper closure or the conversion is interrupted, the recording may be damaged with no opportunity to retrieve it.

Pause or stop a recording

While we have seen the simplified process for recording a meeting with Zoom, in some cases it is necessary to pause and even stop it.

The difference is that when you pause the recording and then resume it, everything will be saved in the same file. Whereas, if one recording is stopped, and then another starts, two different files will be obtained at the end.

Now, in order to stop or pause it, you have two options. Either from a small panel at the bottom that will be quite distinctive. Or, with the second method, through the recording indicator at the top left of the screen.

Place where the notice “Recording paused”Accordingly, and from which it can be resumed.

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Allow someone else to join you to record a meeting with Zoom

This is basically granting permissions in said meeting room to a specific person, so that they can make the recording. What is achieved by directing the action towards the icon of “Participants”Found in the lower menu, the one with the little person and the + symbol.

Thus, within the indicated tab, move the cursor to the name of the user to be privileged, and click on the option “More”. Then, a settings menu will be displayed, in which you choose to select “Allow record“Or”Allow registration”.

In this way, the participant will be able to start the recordings, although the host will have the possibility to withdraw the permission at any time by repeating the process.