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How to Receive Money through Zelle without a US Account?

19 de April de 2022

Zelle is an electronic payment platform whose function is send and receive money in dollars, this through P2P transactions. Such a transfer method makes the payment process easy, which is why Zelle has become so popular.

One of the requirements needed to use the application is to have a bank account and telephone number in the United States. However, there are many people who do not meet these requirements, so they often look for different ways to receive money through Zelle without a US account.

How do I sign up for Zelle without having an active account in the US?

Because it is a very popular application inside and outside the United States, more and more people gain interest in the app. But as we already know, to use Zelle it is necessary to have a bank account in the US. For this reason, many of the people who have difficulty opening an account abroad have chosen to seek solutions to this limitation.

The way many people have started using Zelle without having an account in the United States is using intermediary platforms. Some of these platforms are digital banks, which allow you to send and receive pain through Zelle. Today there is a wide variety of applications that perform this function.

One of these platforms is Bancumbre, which is a digital bank, where users can carry out different types of transactions. It should be noted that in some intermediary platforms, you will only be able to receive Zelle, so you should consult the support of said application, to ensure that you can send and receive transactions in dollars.

How can I receive money from Zelle without being registered?

Some people at one point in their life may have heard about the Zelle platform, but are unaware of its benefits. Policies for sending and receiving money. So it is very common that they can fall into the mistake that they can receive money without being registered.

One of the great advantages of Zelle is that it allows anyone to send money to another person without being registered on the platform. However, in order to receive them you must carry out a series of procedures.

Receive money from the US without being registered

If someone wants to send you money, you need to provide them with your email account. In case you are not registered on the Zelle platform, you must do so in order to receive the money. After they have sent you a payment, you will have 14 days to register using the same email address. If the registration is not executed within the established time, the money will return to the account of the money payment issuer.

Once you sign up with Zelle, you’ll be able to receive money that’s been sent to you, and then you’ll be able to receive any payments that are sent to you and you’ll receive them within minutes. Plus, every time someone makes a payment to your account, you’ll receive a notification to the email or phone number you’ve associated with Zelle.

woman makes a payment using a mobile application

Another way to receive payments is to use digital wallets, which are an excellent option for receive transactions in dollars, if you do not have an account in the United States. To use this method, you need to have an email account to be able to register. In addition, you will need to complete an identity verification process.

Some of the most used digital wallets to transact on Zelle are the Koroto App and AKB Fintech apps. Each of these applications offers the same service, however, their interface may be different.

Koroto App

In this application you can receive payments via Zelle without a US bank account, as it allows anyone to send you a payment from a US account. In addition, you will be able to do so using an email address in the name of Koroto. That money will then be credited to the recipient’s digital wallet.

AKB Fintech

It is an application that can be used by customers who use the Zelle system, without this generating an alert in the bank. For receive money from Zelle into an AKB accountboth the sender and receiver must be registered in the digital wallet on this platform.