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How to Qualify a Product, or a Purchase in Mercado Libre

29 de July de 2021

Mercado Libre is one of the safest websites to buy, as it offers search tools that filter the results and make shopping easier for the user or sale in this online marketplace.

One of the features that users enjoy the most is that have the possibility to qualify not only a product or a purchase, but also the seller of the same.

In this way, users can be guided by grades from other clients before finalizing the acquisition of a service.

For this reason, we will show you the steps you must follow so that you learn how to rate a product and a purchase on this online shopping and sales website. You will also learn how to rate a seller in Mercado Libre, so that you can share your opinion in this web market.

How to rate a product in Mercado Libre?

For you to be able to comment on a product in Mercado Libre, the purchase of it must already have closed, that is, you must have received the product. In this way, after you have it with you, you only have to access the official Mercado Libre website and enter your account there.

Then, you must enter the option of “Purchases” in the menu that shows the initial window of Mercado Libre. Once you log in, you must find the product you want to comment on in the list of your purchases made.

Subsequently, you must select the three vertical points that are in the right corner of the purchase made. In the menu that is displayed you must enter the option to “comment on the product”. When you enter you can rate the product using a rating scale.

Likewise, you have a box in which you can express your written opinion about the product you have purchased. Do not limit yourself, express the details in which it arrived and if you are satisfied with the product you received.

How to rate a purchase in Mercado Libre?

Once you have placed an order and made a purchase in Mercado Libre with a seller, you can rate the purchase after you have received the product.

To do so, you must enter your account in Mercado Libre and select the “Purchases” option that the page displays. In this window you can see the delivery status of the purchase, that is, if it is on its way or if it has already been delivered. You also have the option to cancel the purchase request.

After, you must locate the purchase you wish to rate and select the three-dot icon that appears in the right corner of the product. There a menu will be displayed and you must enter the “Qualify” option. In this section you will establish if you have received the product and the conditions in which it arrived.

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Remember that to qualify the purchase its status must be in “Delivered”, if you think that the product has taken too long, do not hesitate to track your purchase in Mercado Libre. In addition to contact the seller.

How to rate a seller in Mercado Libre?

Once you have completed the request for a product with a seller in Mercado Libre, you can qualify it. You must bear in mind that the purchase must have recently been doneFurthermore, the product in question must have been delivered.

Thus, if you meet these two requirements, the first step to qualify a seller in Mercado Libre is to log into your account on this page. Then, you must enter the “Purchases” option in this window.

Within this option all purchases will appear that you have made, therefore, you must locate the purchase in which you want to qualify the seller of it. Next, you must select the three vertical points that are shown in the right corner of the product.

Once you do, a menu will be displayed and within the options that are shown in it, there is that of “comment on the seller”. So you can rate the seller up to 60 days after you have registered the purchase.

So Mercado Libre gives you the opportunity to rate the seller using a rating scale. In addition, you can leave a written opinion, in this way the person who offered the product can take your suggestions and opinions into account.