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How to Put Water Drops on an Apple in Photoshop – Step by Step Tutorial

29 de January de 2022

Photoshop is one of the most important and efficient photo editing tools globally. The wide variety of functions allow you to make retouches, interventions and corrections to photographs or other graphic elements, in a short time.

When you want to give it a touch of realism to some food or nature photography, The effect of drops of water in PSD will be quite useful to you, because it allows you to enhance the photographic style and transmit a message, in this case of freshness. But if you don’t have PhotoShop, download it now from its official site. Right now we tell you how to achieve it.

In what versions of Photoshop can you put realistic water drops?

In all versions of Adobe Photoshop it is possible to create an effect similar to water spray on a photographic element or section, but in particular, today we will study the protocol to obtain it from the CC 2017 and CS6 versions, which have nothing to envy to the most recent versions of the program.

Amateurs and professionals have shown their preference for Photoshop over other photo editing software, mainly thanks to its effect application advantage 3D, special, montage or textures, which allow them to unleash their imagination when creating digital works of art.

If you are interested in the world of photography and professional editing, and you want to integrate later, of course, start with basic tutorials that allow you to familiarize yourself with the tool. A good option is precisely to learn to produce the effect of drops of water.

working with photoshop

How can you create a scary real water droplet in Photoshop CS6?

There are always several ways to achieve an effect in Photoshop, recursion is a quality which many users rely on when they don’t know the specific way to generate a result. For example, there are several ways to convert a color image to black and white with Photoshop, as well as with each of the effects.

But today it’s time to tell you, in simple steps, how to apply the effect of drops of water to an apple, hoping that by knowing and practicing the technique, you can use it in whatever you require.

This is the procedure to create a realistic water drop in Photoshop CC 2017

It is important that before starting you download the image of an apple in an appropriate quality to your computer, also that you open the Adobe Photoshop program. So once you have done this, you should:

  • Insert the downloaded image of the apple in the program, you can drag it directly to the window or through the “Open” option.
  • Now go to layer menu and with right click create a new one, or simply select the button located at the bottom right, similar to a folded sheet.
  • Before continuing, you may be interested in putting a transparent background on an image in Photoshop, so that your apple is in PNG format. But otherwise, what follows is choose the layer freshly made and then a hard line brush.
  • You must configure the parameters of the brush as follows: foreground color: black, diameter: 19% and hardness: 60%. These characteristics are very important because it is time to draw with it, the shapes are similar to the drops of water on the apple, don’t worry if they are not very perfect.
  • The next step is to polish the shapes just drawn with the brush, for this we will use a very powerful Photoshop tool, “Blending Options”. to locate her you have to go back to the layers menu and right click on the newly created one, immediately you will notice the option we are talking about and you will click on it.
  • You will see a new settings panel and very precisely you must implement the following preferences, Fill Opacity 3%, enable the section from drop shadow (located on the outer left edge), Start at Contour Plot: Gaussian, Opacity: 100%, Size: 1px.
  • Enable the Inner Shadow section, continue with the following modifications, Blending Mode: Color Dodge, Size: 10px, Opacity: 44%. Enable Inner Glow and there adjust like this, Blending Mode: Overlay, Sample Color: Black, Opacity: 29%.
  • It’s turn to Enable Bevel Style and Emboss settings is, Technique: Chisel Hard, Depth: 251%, Smooth: 11px, Angle: 90º, Size: 15px, Highlight Mode Opacity: 100%, Shadow Mode: Color Dodge, choose white as the color swatch, and set the opacity to 22%.
  • You can do this configuration only once so that you use it faster in the future, to do this click on “New style” (On the far right of the panel), and assign it a name, an example may be “water drops effect”.
  • With this, the desired effect is applied to your apple, of subtle drops on it. If your goal after editing it is to add it to another program, make sure you do it correctly so you don’t lose attributes.

different effects given with photoshop

Other interesting tools that you can use with your water drop

The style you have configured allows you a wide versatility of use, even to add a Photoshop image in Word and not lose quality like other Photoshop tools.

In this software you can, for example, blur the background of a photograph with the “Gaussian Blur”, give an aged appearance to an image with the Hue/Saturation tool and some texture, also make background changes or montages, modifying the characteristics of the layers, in short, with Adobe Photoshop the combination of effects and adjustments is limited by your imagination.