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How to Put my Snapchat App in Black from my iPhone? -Dark mode

25 de January de 2022

Without a doubt, the dark mode of mobile devices is an excellent option to use your mobile device in the best way and without problems. And in the Snapchat App you can also use it if you have an iPhone. In this article you can learn about the dark mode benefits and how you can activate this option from your iPhone. Do not stray and continue reading this article.

What are the advantages of activating the dark mode within an App?

Having an iPhone is an excellent device, not only because of its design and technological support, which makes it attractive, but also because its system is very easy to use. Even if requires a lot of care Like any other mobile device, it has many features that you can explore to get the most out of it.

One of those functions is the dark mode, this is present in all mobiles, and in your iPhone too. Many do not know how to activate this option, as well as the Advantages of putting an app in dark mode. And there are really many advantages, for example, you save battery consumption because you avoid that when you turn on the screen of your mobile it does not drain the battery so quickly because the brightness of the screen has been decreased.

Also, you protect your vision, it is well known that light from mobile devices causes eyestrain which depletes your vision, causing damage to the retina. So, activating the dark mode significantly reduces that screen brightness, and you can use your iPhone device without affecting your eyesight. Thus, you can reduce visual fatigue when using your mobile. Now that you know these advantages of dark mode, try to apply it on your mobile.

What alternatives exist to configure the dark mode in Snapchat?

There are different alternatives in which you can set Snapchat dark mode on your iPhone. That is why we will make them known to you, you choose the one that best suits your requirements and easy to execute.

Using a third-party app

You can use a third party application like Cydia, which is an iOS compatible software. You enter this application and proceed to install the entire iFile package, you must wait for the downloads of all the files of the Nightmare package. Then you enter the downloaded package and proceed to install. Next, you should restart your iPhone and you will see that your Snapchat will go into dark mode. We suggest that before using a third-party application you verify if it is reliable so that you do not damage your equipment.

From phone settings

You enter the Snapchat application and in the upper left corner of your screen you press on your profile photo. Then click on Settings, you will see the options menuslide until you find App appeareance, which in Spanish means appearance of the applications and press there.

Once inside, you choose the Always Dark option, which means always dark and thus put your Snapchat in dark mode. Now, if you want to place your entire iPhone device in dark mode, you must select the Match System option and your iPnone will be configured in dark mode.

With Google’s dark mode

From Google you can activate the dark mode easily. You enter the Google Chrome application on your iPhone device, you are located in Settings and choose the Display and brightness option. Click on Dark and you will see how the browser automatically goes into dark mode. So easy and fast. You can easily turn all webpages into dark mode with Chrome.

chrome window in dark mode

Applications that can help you reduce blue light on your mobile

On the other hand, on the web you can get many applications that you can use to reduce blue light on your mobile. That way you can use your mobile at any time of the night or in places with poor lighting without tiring your vision. Pay close attention to the applications that we recommend.

Blue Light Filter

It is an application that acts as a filter for the blue light emitted by the screen of your mobile device and reduces it in such a way that it does not affect your vision. With this app you can vary the tone and intensity of light of your screen, you can download it for free in the Apple Store.


This is another of the applications that offers themes with which you can personalize your mobile device, choosing the dark theme will allow you to dim the light on your screen. There are various themes you can choose from. But you must make sure that the application is compatible with your mobile device, since the themes may not be available for all mobile phones.

Darker Screen Filter

darker screen filter app

As its name indicates, this application offers a dark screen filter to protect your vision. You can configure the night mode that the application has and thus use your cell phone at night. In addition, it offers you another advantage in terms of saving your mobile battery consumption.

When will the official version of dark mode be released to Snapchat?

Everyone is excitedly waiting for Snapchat’s dark mode to be officially launched for all mobile devices. Although you can turn the Snaphat app black, dark mode is not officially available for the app. The truth is that Snapchat developers have been trying to create this mode for a long time and there is even good news because this mode you can activate it in some versions of iPhone.

snapchat dark mode on iphone

Although there are still improvements to be made to the mode, with this option, they have been able to respond to the demands of the millions of users. Little by little these changes will be reflected on all mobile devices, but if you have an iPhone, uninstall your Snapchat and proceed to install the latest version of the app and check the dark mode. There is no date yet for the official launch of dark mode to Snapchat, it remains to wait until then.