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How to Put Images to the Buttons of an Application with App Inventor? (Example)

23 de July de 2021

Many developers ask the question about how to place the images to the buttons of an application with App Inventor, being really easy and simple. It just consists of building a project and discovering the function section.

The first thing is to know App Inventor is an open source tool based on current web models. However, some features of it allow it to be compatible with Android operating systems.

It is a highly recommended support for those professionals who do not handle programming languages. Because instead of writing in codes, can be visually designed with App Inventor.

In addition to App Inventor there are other programs such as Android Studio that are also responsible for the design and creation of applications.

Since when can App Inventor be enjoyed?

According to the same internet records, App Inventor opened its digital doors since 2011. This was the time when the Mobile Learning Center designed a site to provide opportunities for novice developers.

In addition, he was one of those responsible for the exponential growth in the creation of new applications or virtual stores. I also help provide new answers to the evolution in mobile technology. So far, it is a ideal tool that allows image modification to the buttons of an application with App Inventor, algorithm changes, among others.

In addition to being able to put images on the buttons of an application, you also have the option to center them or put them where you want.

Step-by-step guide for attaching images to app buttons with App Inventor

The buttons are elements that help to facilitate the access or execution of the internal activities of the applications. Clearly, they are very important commands during the construction of it. Therefore, it is important to know how put the pictures to the buttons of an application with App Inventor by following these steps:

Create a project

The first step is to create an account in App Inventor or enter the user’s unique profile, and then create a new worksheet with the projector to be worked on. At this time it is important to define the objective and the structure of what you want to do.

The buttons are rated in the tool as “color blocks“, These may contain labels, names, images and other aspects that facilitate their interaction.

Create a button

This step is to find a button “To create” In the lower right area of ​​the form, it is also called the tools panel. Immediately, it will proceed to show a form with its nature, choose the commands to taste.

Button location

Then, this should be reflected in the worksheet, to give it the location we want it has to be dragged with the help of the cursor. If you want to define a different size, an options bar will appear right next to the command, choose “Size” and be adapting.

Embed an image

To place the images on the buttons of an application with App Inventor, we proceed to create a polka dot design in Adobe Illustrator. This must be uploaded to the web in Horizontal Arrangement mode.

Automatically, the name of the image will be displayed in the Media panel, there we proceed to choose “Image Properties”And select the image you want to use.

Once your project is ready, you may be interested in importing or passing your creation from App Inventor to Thunkable.

Advantages of building App Inventor applications

There are multiple benefits to using App Inventor for building applications, simulators and games, among the most important criteria, are the following:

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  • It can be used by any user, programming knowledge is not necessary with the tool, since it can go adapting visually. In addition, it is excellent for young people or students.
  • Both modifications and input of images to the buttons of an application with App Inventor are characterized by being easy and simple in relation to other applications.
  • Developers have the ease of power save changes and save your record in a kind of cloud integrated into the application.

Another task that App Inventor allows you to do is to be able to change the application icon and thus customize the applications on your phone.