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How to Put Emojis in your Zoom Chat? – Chat in your Meetings

30 de October de 2021

The Zoom platform is adding more and more users who want to have the benefits it offers. And it is increasingly necessary to hold virtual meetings. Also, in these we can use emojis for our conversations. If you keep reading we will show you how to do it.

What is the difference between ‘reactions’ to ’emoticons’ in chats?

We live in an age where people have a need for express your feelings and emotions in any place and occasion. But for some, this is not easy to do with verbal expressions, with letters or displays of physical affection. And it becomes more complicated if we take into account that the physical distance between people becomes greater.

Emojis are images that you can use to express your emotions and feelings. negative or positive when you have a conversation. As time goes by, more applications have added this tool to their chat functions. This gives the conversation an appeal, creativity and in most cases funny expressions.

Given the importance of the Zoom platform in the field of video calls, especially in the business field, he added this function in his chats. However, it should be noted that emojis are used in group or private conversations between users.

There you will find a large variety of these images classified by categories and they disappear in a few seconds. Instead, the option of reactions in Zoom are different, because they can be more limited in quantity and some have to be removed manually.

The non-expressive culture that until not long ago was the rule among families has been changing. Many are already comfortable, but others are adapting. Because, emojis are just a practical solution for these people and for those who, because of so much emotion, their words fall short, but have the need to express themselves.

If you have a video call scheduled in Zoom, you can enter it from your account if you are registered or you can also do it with an invitation that indicates the address and password of the meeting. Once you have logged in, you must verify what functions are enabled by the administrator.

From the app

If you are in a meeting by Zoom from a mobile and you want react to a contact’s message, you must locate the message and below it you can apply a reaction with an emoji that you have chosen according to the type of comment. With this, your contact will know what you think or feel about it, without having to write a single word.

With the website

If you are participating from a computer on the website, the process is very similar. You just have to enter the video call, check which functions are enabled by the administrator and which ones you must activate. Then you locate the message that they sent you and choose an emoji that you like to respond or react to the message.

meetings by zoom

What is the way you can send an emoji as a text message?

Depends on what the administrator deems appropriate for the meeting, he will enable some functions. But this does not mean that it will be the same in all meetings, since depending on the reason and the parameters established by the organizers, some flexibility may be granted.

Perhaps the meeting will have the participation of well-known people and you want to congratulate them, ask something or know how they are. To do so it will not be so difficult, since surely you already know how to use the emojis of other applications.

With the mobile app

It is one thing to react to a message with emojis and quite another send a message with an emojiNot only because you have more options to choose from, but you must locate the contact and press on the writing bar and select the emoji icon and send it. With this you will have already achieved your purpose.

On the official website

If you feel more comfortable using the Zoom platform from the website and want to send a message to another participant, you should go to the meeting chat. There you will see all the people connected and you will click on the option to send a message. You can use text or just choose an emoji that expresses what you want to say.