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How to Put Age Limitation on Your YouTube Videos? – Effective Explanation

6 de January de 2022

Currently YouTube has been placing different privacy policies regarding the type of content that is published on this platform. In addition, it has established the different restrictions on the published content, that is, content that is within the established will have to be published without violating the agreed rules on the content that can be published.

Now, if you consider that there is some type of content that you want to publish and it is not appropriate for a certain age, then the YouTube platform offers you the option of being able to set the age limitation; from which users who are outside the established age will not be able to view the content you upload. Here we will teach you how to place the age limitation on the videos that you want to publish and that you do not want to be seen by users under 18 years of age.

What steps to follow to add age restriction when uploading your videos?

Mostly, the age limitation that is established is for those users who are minors and which we do not want them to see certain types of content that we publish on our channel. Now, to be able to place or add an age restriction to your videos when uploading a video, you will have to perform the following steps:

  1. Select upload and thus start uploading the video to the YouTube platform.
  2. Then enter the details about the video.
  3. Next, configure the audience of the video to which you want to share it.
  4. Later, enter the drop-down menu.
  5. Now select in “Age restriction” and select in Yes to restrict my video for users over 18 years.
  6. Finally, follow the other steps and finish uploading the video to the platform.

How to know if your YouTube video has age restrictions?

Many times we upload content and we are not clear what kind of content is allowed And which one is not allowed, at the same time we do not realize that video has an age restriction. Therefore, it is necessary that we can verify this procedure to avoid future sanctions for non-compliance with the rules established by YouTube.

On the other hand, to be able to verify if your content or video has an age restriction on YouTube, you will have to enter YouTube Studio and look in the filter “Age restriction” or you can choose to look for the restriction in the column where it appears “Videos page restrictions”. Once entered, you will be able to verify if your videos have an age restriction, since this will appear at the bottom of the video description.

How can you block inappropriate content on YouTube?

We constantly want to block content on YouTube that we find inappropriate for both adults and children, much more we want to block content so that the little ones in the house do not see it. Since many times they enter our YouTube account and find videos that are not appropriate for them and for this reason they want to block the video or the channel in general to not to visualize it again.

Now, one of the simplest ways is by setting the restricted mode, which is one of the simplest options to block inappropriate content that we can find on the platform and even that children can see. However, to activate this option you will have to open the application and access our account and then select on the profile photo that is in the upper right.

inappropriate content on youtube

Subsequently, select the restricted mode option from the drop-down menu and then to enable this option you will have to slide a switch that appears next to the option of “Activate restricted mode” and ready.

On the other hand, another option that you can implement and quickly to block inappropriate content that you do not want to view, is to completely block the channel that publishes the content and thus avoid trying to block a specific video. It should be noted that you cannot block a video but rather a complaint.

Likewise, to block the channel in general from which you will not want to view more content, you will have to go to the channel on the main page and then select on the three points that appear in the upper right part. Next, you will select on the option of “Block user” and then click on block in the pop-up window that will appear and that’s it.

What kinds of videos can you put an age restriction on on YouTube?

The YouTube platform in its policies and regulations that it establishes, specifies what type of content must have age restrictions. Here we will let you know what type of video you should place this age restriction on so that you can avoid problems with stipulated regulations and avoid any sanction or even the closure of the channel.

Vulgar language

YouTube generally requires that videos containing inappropriate language be restricted in such a way that those under the age of 18 cannot view it, as it could be relevant to their education. Within the inappropriate language that is restricted are, if a video contains a language of insult, vulgar, violent, obscene or other that is not appropriate for minors to view.

avoid uploading videos with inappropriate language or restrict for minors

Harmful or dangerous activities

In addition to requiring restrictions on videos that contain inappropriate language, they also require an age restriction to be placed on those videos that have activities that are harmful or dangerous for those under 18 years of age, so that they do not do this type of activity. So, if you want to upload a video with some type of harmful or dangerous activity, the best thing you can do is set the age restriction mode to avoid sanctions from the platform.

Disturbing or violent images

Another type of content that must carry an age restriction will be those videos that have disturbing or violent images, since they are not educational for those under 18 years of age.