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How to Put a Video on YouTube Shorts? | Complete Tutorial

23 de November de 2021

As we already know, to create a video in YouTube Shorts it will only be necessary to have the YouTube application in its latest version on your phone, however, there are many people who still do not know how to handle this new function very well and that is why here we will tell you in detail how you can put your own video on the shorts.

The shorts can be published by any YouTube channel no matter how many subscribers they have. And for those who are just growing up with their channel, they can promote their content through Shorts.

How can we add a Short to our YouTube account?

If you want to add or publish your own Short in your personal YouTube account, it is very simple and here we will tell you how you can do it.

  1. First of all, find the YouTube application on your personal phone and open it.
  2. Once there you must click on the button that says create new content, this is located at the bottom of the application and is represented by an icon in the form of plus +.
  3. By clicking on the button that we have just mentioned, you will be able to see a window where you can select the type of content you want to publish.
  4. Then, you just have to select the option to create a short. If you are doing it for the first time you will have to allow the application permissions so that it can access the memory and camera of your cell phone.
  5. Next, you just have to start recording your Short, and to do this, just click on the red button.
  6. On the right side of the screen, you can see other buttons with which you can modify the recording speed or change the camera, either front or external.
  7. At the end you must click on the button that is in the lower right corner.
  8. Once you have clicked on the confirm button, you will go to a preview screen, and at the bottom you can edit the video, adding text, cropping it among other things.
  9. To the have your short well edited and ready to publish, you just have to click on next.
  10. Finally, you can add a title to your short, and select if you want it private, hidden or public, and you can also choose the audience it is aimed at, whether it is children or for everyone. Once all this is done, just click on the upload option.
  11. Done, it’s that simple add a short to your YouTube account.

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What effects or tags can we add to our YouTube story?

At the moment the Shorts being a relatively new function does not have too many functions to edit the videos, however, if you add a story to YouTube to this you can add different effects and here we will tell you what they are.

A story on YouTube is very similar to those on Facebook or Instagram, however, to be able to publish one on this platform, your channel must have more than 9,000 subscribers.

If your YouTube channel has this number of followers, to publish a story you just have to click on the plus button that is located at the bottom, then on the story option, if this option does not come out then it is because you do not meet the requirements to do so.


Among the effects that you can place on your story on YouTube we have the decals or also called stickers, and if you want to use it these are located at the top of the screen, this unlike the stickers on Facebook or Instagram, they are very different because It is aimed at YouTube themes.

It should be noted that there are also stickers to mention another person, to place your location and many others. All of these are in the same tab.

Visual effects

To your YouTube stories you can also add visual effects like more lighting, so that in this way they look much more original.


You can also upload videos to YouTube stories, but they have a limit of seconds, however, you can add it in parts, to these videos you can add text or effects.

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Finally, in your YouTube stories you can add photos along with their transitions, if there are several. And place effects, text among other things.

Where can we manage the Shorts that we upload to YouTube?

If you want manage the Shorts you have posted On your personal YouTube channel, to do this open the application on your phone, once there at the bottom select the option that says library, there will be various options, including your YouTube history and your videos, you must select the latter .

Once you are in the section of your videos, at the top of the screen select the short option here you can see all your shorts including those that you have not published, here you can modify the privacy of the video or even if you no longer like one of them you can delete them.

How can I remove the content of a story from my YouTube account?

For remove content from a story of your account on YouTube is very simple and you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Click on your story.
  2. Press and hold the player, do it until the video or photo you want to delete appears.
  3. Then click on the menu that is represented by three horizontal dots.
  4. And finally in the delete option.