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How to put a background image on a calc sheet in LibreOffice Writer

20 de April de 2021

The spreadsheets They are one of the most used office tools in the world to keep business records of your activities. Many are the companies dedicated to the development of software capable of executing spreadsheets and today we are going to talk about a very powerful one, which if you do not have it downloaded we recommend you to install LibreOffice.

Specifically, we are going to talk to you about Calc an open source software that gives you great very useful advantages over other programs. One of the tools that this tool offers you is the ability to easily customize your spreadsheets, such as making dynamic graphs in LibreOffice’s Calc

Another interesting aspect is that you can add images to put them in the background on your sheets and thus give them a professional finish. Don’t you know how to do it? Do not worry, you are not the only one with this problem of not knowing how to put these images.

And for that we are here, we will guide you with this article so that you can proceed to place the image you want to have on your sheets. Do not worry that it is not difficult to carry out this process with the steps that we are going to show you below.

Is it worth using Calc?

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You may not be familiar with the Calc program and its tools so let’s take the time before proceeding with the guide to talk about it. This way you can be clearer about the information and better understand the procedure that we have prepared for you.

As we said before, Calc is a free software spreadsheet in the style of Excel, but with fewer tools. This program was released for Windows, Mac and Linux systems as part of the Apache Open Office suite.

One of the main advantages of this program is that being Open Source You will have multiple extensions that will help you a lot and will help you, for example, to be able to compare two lists or columns. You can get these tools for free on the web so you won’t have any problem installing them.

Another feature that Calc has is that you can use metric measurements so that you can measure cells or columns exactly. In addition, you can configure these measurements in cm, mm, inches or any type of measurement that is used in your country.

So if you are looking for a software to run spreadsheets that are powerful and apart from having useful tools then Calc is for you. One of the most useful tools is the ability to add images using a simple procedure that we will provide.

How to put background images in a spreadsheet in Calc?

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The procedure that you must carry out to insert background images in the Calc sheet is very simple to carry out. Just follow the steps that we are going to show you below so that you do not have any problems in the procedure.

First of all, it goes without saying that you need have Calc installed on your PC so if you don’t have this program installed, run to download it. Having said that, let’s proceed with the explanation to put background images in your spreadsheets.

Step 1

The first procedure to follow is simply insert the imageYou can do it by going to the contextual menu, then you must select the Position option and then click on the section At the bottom. By doing this, your image will be below the cells, in the background.

Step 2

Although at first glance it seems impossible to insert your image in the background, there is a way to do it. You must activate the Calc Navigator, which you can locate in the toolbar Standard on the icon. You must search among the options and you must locate one called Images and click on the + symbol that is located in front of the name.

Step 3

In the Images option you will see a list of all the ones you have in your document, among them you will be able to see the one you placed in the background and that you will not be able to select unless you click on it. Double click.

You can now close your browser and you should be able to see your image in the background of the spreadsheet. If you wish, you can also put it in the foreground so that you can handle it to your liking. It’s that simple, you can now work on your Calc sheet with a background image, once finished you will be able to configure and print different pages in Calc LibreOffice