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How to Publish in Mercado Libre for the First Time Free – Complete Help Guide

24 de July de 2021

Mercado Libre is an online platform at an international level, which allows you to promote all kinds of things For commercial purposes and buy products, whether they are new or already used.

This great commercial platform offers its users, two modalities: one completely free and one paid in which it includes several service plans, where the user can choose according to their requirements and purposes the one that best suits their marketing project.

Now, if you are one of those users who is totally unaware of this internet tool, but you want to promote your marketing materials for free and you don’t know how to do it. Do not panic, here we will tell you everything you need to know to advertise without complications.

For you to carry out your free promotions At Mercado Libre, just follow these practical steps in the process:

Create a register in Mercado Libre

To register, go to the free market website of your country, click where it reads “creat your account”Then, put your data in the form that appears, including the name you want as a user and the password to be able to enter later as a user. Then press “I accept the terms and conditions” then “register me”

If register as a company, then only put in the form the data that it requests regarding your company, that is, instead of selecting your identity record, just enter the rif of your company and thus continue choosing the options referring to your company, when you finish the form, click accept conditions. Then “sign me up.”

Ready, you already have a free market registration, if you want to configure it to your style, do so. The next thing is, how are you going to promote for free? Simple, we guide you right away.

Publish for free in Mercado Libre

Enter your profile, click on “enter”, this is in the upper part of the right side. Later click on the one where it says “sell” There you will find a kind of list where you must select the branch of what you are going to sell; that is, if it is a vehicle, services, property, etc.

Later you must write the title of what you are going to promoteRemember that this title is how users will find it, so place a simple but specific one of what you are going to sell.

Once the previous step has been completed, it is time to select the “category” of the material that you are going to put on sale; To do this, choose from the list the one that relates to the material you promote.

Then complete the information requested about the product, upload photos of what you promote, indicate the amount of what you promote (stock), complete all the technical date regarding the product following the instructions that the page gives you in the form. Now write the cost of sale of your item.

Now, pay close attention, this is the most important part for you, because the next step is to choose the type of publication you are going to do; you must be careful, here you must choose the “free” option So you will not pay anything, however there are the classic and Premium options, which although they are also free, you will have to pay every time you sell a product.

What varies between one and the other is the time that the publication will be active to the public. After this time you must publish again. Finally, click on “publish”.

Useful tips when selling on the open market

  • Look at the reputation of your potential buyers.
  • Analyze the comments made by other sellers:
  • See if he pays on time, if I withdraw the item, and if he sticks to the agreements that are made.
  • If the data he gives you is really his.
  • If you change the agreed place for delivery or shipping method, make sure that the new site or shipping method is safe for you.

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Mercado Libre is the online tool where you can do free promotions, offers the possibility of uploading up to 3 photos and you can make a maximum number of 10 simultaneous publications for free, pay or buy in Mercado Libre on credit with a debit card and cancel a purchase or sale. Now that you know all this information you are ready to promote free articles.